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Thursday, June 29, 2006

hello, late and tired. so very quickly.. I posted the Henry VIII stamp yesterday because it was the anniversary of his birthday on 28th June..

The 1997 issue was to commemorate the 450 anniversary of his death.. and
the Prince of Wales question.. he was made Prince of Wales in 1503.

Well done to Meena I will send you a prize.. but I hope many of you can go through your collections and help us all with any extras you have for the set, which had 6 other stamps, one for each of his wives.

As I said last night, I will make up sets if you send me enough stamps and then mail complete sets to people.. see last nights blog for details.. the more I think about it the more I think this is such a good idea.. well I would wouldn't I

Enjoy your stamps and lets help each other .. best wishes.. Michael

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Hello everyone, First many thanks to all of you who regularly read the blog. Second thanks to those of you who tell your friends about the blog. I write because I enjoy writing, because I enjoy the research and because I hope so many people like me enjoy stamps and topics associated with stamps. Today seemed to me a day where someone should be remembered and since I also enjoy reading history this came to mind.

This day in history, have a look at
I think you will enjoy the link and the pages associated with this web site. I enjoy looking through this site occasionally and I hope you will do.

You will see this stamp.
It is one of 7 issued in a set in 1997. Why? Easy question and the prize could be a set of the stamps. But before you jump to send me a reply read on…tonight something different.

To get a set of the stamps you have to a) answer the question above and the one further on…and b) hope enough people send me the stamps in the set.. and can you contribute.?????

You see I don’t have a full set of these myself. Sad eh!!

So here is my suggestion - if anyone has a spare of any of the stamps in the set please send it / them to me at cddstamps, PO BOX 3482, Dural NSW 2158, Australia.

I will make up sets from what you send – then I will send out the sets to people as prizes

If I get one set I will send one prize, if I get two sets I will send two prizes etc. I will not keep any for myself except what is left over and does not make up a set. Sound fair.

I think so. To win a set and you don’t have to send me a stamp or stamps, just send me an email to with the answer to the following question and the question above .…. ok I will make it easy as well… in what year was Henry made Prince of Wales ????

So two questions 1) why the 1997 issue... 2) what year was Henry made Price of Wales?

I will publish, in the weeks ahead, exactly how many stamps I receive and who the winner are……….... so please don’t be shy or think I am keeping these for myself.. audit as per SOX compliance rules apply. Big Smile here…….

Enjoy your stamps and history .. Best wishes,… Michael

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

stamps from what country tonight..

seriously.. do you expect me to show stamps tonight.. may some of people falling over, maybe some of people throwing themselves on the ground, .. get my drift.. how depressing was it how Australia lost to Italy.. lost did I say.. robbed.. would be more like it.. and I am not that strong an Australia soccer supporter but having played the game let me tell you that was one very unfair decision... whether seen live on TV or the photo stills.... nothing to be proud of in that "win".

But well done Australia.

Stamps you say.. this is a stamp blog..well.. ok ,, has anyone got any Italian world cup stamps to send me go on .. make my day

Enjoy your day.. oops .. meant stamps.. Michael

Monday, June 26, 2006

flying.. to take my mind off the soccer

A lovely cover tonight.. well I think so.. it is from 1958 . the 30th Anniversary of the First Tasman flight..

just found it in some old envelopes.. some people collect these.. am thinking next time I go flying I will have some covers made. something unique just for my flight..

and I show this ..
the approach into Bankstown, a private airfield just south of Sydney.. did I have a good time or what ..this was yesterday...

back to work today .. shucks........

back to reality ..

I will be packing up more stamps later tonight ...

best wishes.. Michael

Sunday, June 25, 2006

Hello, I thought you might like to see these tonight. A lovely FDC from Guernsey

What can I quiz you on for this cover to be the prize . I have no idea so this quiz is... you send me the question.. best question in my humble opinion will win the cover.

I noticed there are only a few days to go on my Stampoffers lots.. dont miss out.. my offers can be seen if you click on my favourite links .. cddstamps auction lots ...I think I called it...

finally.. remember to tell your friends about this blog.. and all the great stamp blogs you can find from visiting here.. if you know of a good stamp blog please let me know.. my email is

enjiy your stamps.. Best wishes.. Michael

Friday, June 23, 2006

Australia 2... Italy ???????????

I know this might not mean much to all stamps collectors in some parts of the world but it is something important to everyone here in Australia.

I should be supporting England of course.. in fact I am really .. honestly... but I feel an obligation to fly the flag of the country I live in.

Nothing to do with stamps.. although I wonder does anyone have any stamps from Italy that have been issued for the World Cup .. if you do please send me a scan and I will show then to everyone

and back to Australia getting through to the next round .. I was walking down George Street here in Sydney this 07:30 ... it was crowded.. cars hooting their horns.. amazing noise and atmosphere.. I got to my office for some peace and quite

Hope your team is doing well and you enjoy your stamps.. please send me scans from your country.. I will gladly share them with everyone... Michael

Thursday, June 22, 2006

so much that I could write about.. will be brief though. Have written so much recently.. too much eh!!!

Whales down under.. what a wonderful set of stamps. Hope you like seeing this cover. Issued a few weeks ago. It is yours if you are the 5th correct email to tell me the name of the featured whale - that is the big one on the top left stamp and on the cover itself : email me at

I have had some emails recently from you with some useful web links.. this one about Beatles on stamps.. (thanks Jane) all revenvue raising countries dont you think... and that reminds me .. Royal Mail is issuing a set of stamps showing the Beatles in January next year. I wondeer if any will get used.

As for the England soccer team theme song.. I thought I knew it until I had so many different replies from you.. try this one for a laugh (thanks Buddy)

Australia Playing Croatia tomorrow my time.. still time to enter my last competition and tell me your prediction of the score.

Enjoy your stamps.. Michael

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

no new stamps.. just soccer chat

Hello.. well I got the Australia - Brazil score line wrong.. any guess for the score line against Croatia.. 2 -1 to Australia is my guess .. every correct entry .. received before kick off gets a GB FDC..if you send me your mailing address to

England topped the group I see.. well as expected what next for them..

I hear Owen has a knee injury.. been there and look at me.. still walking.. albeit slowly

Hope you get time to read previous postings as - to be honest - there are still some covers and booklets available as giveaways.

enjoy your stamps and if you are watching the soccer instead.. is it worth it

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

when I'm 64.. well not me actually....

a long way off .. maybe if I am lucky.. no pictures of the stamps to be issued in January 2007 of the Beatles but surely there are many stamps from other countries already issued showing "the fab four"

I dont have any but if anyone does and they want to send me a scan I will show them to everyone else. I will also send you a GB FDC as a thank you. email me at

I missed his (Paul's) birthday didn't I.. did anyone see much press about it.. maybe this link will be informative

nothing to do with stamps but lets have something different for a change.... and after all the Beatles were, and still are, something special... hhhmmmmm listening to the the first Kinks album on CD in the car at the moment.. .. great album.. listen to "so mystifying" and close your eyes..

anyone seen the Kinks on stamps.. not me .. dont think that has ever happened ??? but I am always open to be corrected..

Enjoy your stamps.. Michael

Monday, June 19, 2006

Australia ..missed goals 6.. Brazil.. goals scored 2

Hello everyone ..... does the subject just say it all.. so I was wrong with my prediction.. but then had they been better at scoring I may still have been wrong.. Australia may have won....
nothing to do with stamps.. but then it is the World Cup after all

to stamps.. so few of you writing to me all of a sudden.. are you all watching the world cup.. oh there I go again.. the World Cup again

ok stamps.. have you seen the auction lots.. some real good starting bids here. I am looking at few myself and please dont bid on them ok

I dont usually mention eBay lots but these are pretty good in my humble opinion.

Do you sell on eBay? .. are you a member of the IPDA ?

I have written about this before and I hope you have had time to think about joining if you do sell..

I made some offer I seem to recall.. well I was going to .. sign up for the IPDA and you will get a few free plugs on my blog.. and I am getting over 700 pages views a day now..most days .. and that is even with the World Cup going on.. there I go again..back to soccer.

Ok so who has some soccer stamps, commemorating the 2006 World Cup of course, they want to share with me I will go out on a limb here.. everyone who sends me a scan of the stamps issued by their country (with the exception of UK and Australia as I have already shown those stamps)

I will ............
a) post to the blog for everyone to see and
b) send you a free GB FDC as a thank you.

How good is that. I hope I have enough covers to go round.. you must send me your mailing address..ok.. email the scans to

Enjoy the World Cup.. and your stamps.. I look forward to hearing from you....Michael

Sunday, June 18, 2006

Hello everyone. ......... first an apology for few typos last night.. all corrected now.. I was just getting too excited when I was writing about the politicans and the world cup

But only a few replies to my quiz question.. was it that hard or is no one interested in England.. ok understandable ... but the stamps are winners dont you think

I said I got some treasures in my PO Box yesterday. Here is one of them. Not high cat value but all the same a nice addition to anyones collection, especially if you collect GB booklets, or just the panes as catalogued.

This is one of the 1978 Farm Buildings series of 10p booklets of which there were 6 different designs issued. The booklet pane is SG X843m.

I have 6 to give away courtesy of Roy Simpson at GBMachins -

I have mentioned his web site before and if you collect GB stamps do have a look. He has a brilliant site by my reckoning...I only wsh I could create what he does. and he is a Director of the IPDA (Internet Philatelic Dealers Association, in case this is new to you ) so you know you are ok with anything you buy from him.

Yes shameless plug for the IPDA but you do need to know if you are buying from someone, to fill a special gap, that they have some credentials.

Anyway, less of my ramblings..... anyone want one of these booklets just email me at with the name of the places in which the Farm building are found..

there are 5.. ok.. the 6th booklet is just Oast Houses.. so I am looking for 5 names.. well 4 I guess as you can see one.. Wales on this scan.

well maybe you cannot read that .. the type face on the booklet is quite small... I do try to make it easy for you ok 4 places

Enjoy the research ,, and first entry that also gives me the dates of issue of each booklet will get a GB FDC as a bonus..

Enoy your stamps.. hope you all had a great weekend.. Michael

Saturday, June 17, 2006

England World Cup soccer stamps 06 June 06

Hello everyone. Today I managed to find time to get to the PO Box. And what a treasure trove it was

These in particular. What do you see?

Not only the stamps in pretty fine used condition – and as many of you know I do not soak them now, I leave then on the part of the envelope they were mailed on – but also postmarked 6 June 06.. yes o6 06 06. How good is that, and all the more reason to leave the stamps on the envelope piece. But .. as an added bonus these stamps were issued on 6 June 06 and the margin shows that. Now how lucky am I. Or how good a friend do I have in the England? Well, one that is both a good friend but also one that is not interested in stamps. So moral of story. If you have to chose your friends make sure they don’t collect stamps as well.. ha ha ha ha ha

I have more to show but they will wait until tomorrow or another night.

Now about the World Cup. Seems a lot of people are staying up late and watching the games .. well those of us that live down under and other equivalent parts of the world will find this quite demanding. Me… well I am saving myself for the exciting semi-finals and final. I don’t need to train to stay up late – that is by watching games in the preliminary rounds - I will be wreck by the final if I try that. No, I am just keeping myself for a late burst J

As for things related to the World Cup - is there anyone out there that gives more than one cents worth of time for politicians. Go one, let me test your mettle here. If I told you my views you might agree and get even more of your friends to read my blog.. or you might be upset … but let me prove my point.. have a read of questions 41 to 45 from the following site .. all to do with World Cup soccer and England.. amazing stuff… yes it was in 1999.. scary, though you UK people were paying this person. No different over hear I might add.

And finally, since we are talking World Cup soccer and showing England Stamps… to win a block of England Winners from 1966.. was it really 40 years ago that England last had a soccer team. just email me with the song title of the England team song.. or whatever it is called.. the England theme song….. send me the song title to I will find a way to send a few prizes…

Enjoy your stamps, and your soccer, whoever you support. Best wishes….. Michael

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

what do you think of this .. how unique...

and many thanks for sending it to me.. and for reminding me that next month we have the date 08-07-06... well there are surely some interesting numbers to be found that we just don't think of.. any others this year ??? write me please. am too tired to think this one through.

and to everyone who sends me a letter with the postmark dated 08-07-06 I will send a GB FDC. I would like a start a collection.. lets see how many countries I can get.. whoever guess closest with will 10 GB FDC.. so start sending your letters in July.. and I will accept even if the date is 08 July 06
Enjoy your stamps.. best wishes.. Michael

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

singapore 060606 and if you sell stamps please read on...

and maybe when I start writing I will think of something else to write about........ am feeling rather tired today.. was up at 4 this morning. yeah gods wish I could sleep longer... but cannot.. was dreaming about stamps.. you believe that .. surely not

So I thought you might like to see the envelope I got from Singapore.. with the 06-06--6 franking.. although like many postal authorities they do not actually use all numbers.. ....pity... sender address deleted for privacy reasons of course.. quite nice dont you think..

has anyone actually got a cover with the franking all numbers 06-06-06.. I would be surprised.. but if you do please send a scan to me and I will show it to everyone.

What a day.... good start as I had an IPDA Board meeting and was elected to the Publicity Officer role. That means I am going to publicise the IPDA.. more than I have done.. because I think you should be aware of the organisation.

If you sell stamps online in any way please think about joining.. small organisation at this point in time but run by a very dedicated and competent group of people who really want the selling of stamps on the internet to be a good experience..... and if you buy from someone who is an IPDA member you know we have checked them out and feel they deserve membership to the values we hold true to.

So if you are a seller, please have a look at we have a some really experienced people running the organisation.. just look at the web masters materials.. I have told you about his own site a few times before.. that must say something about us ( see gbmachins in my favourites listing) And Dave the Stamp Dad.... how good is his site and offerings.....

Anyway, if you want any more information write to me or just follow the links on the web site I mentioned... As publicity Director ( as well as regional Director for Australia) I am sure there are some liberties I can take.. in promoting the organisation.... so I personally will send any new member 10 FDC of my choice as a signing bonus.. if they sign by end of June. Ok not much but just to show you I think it an organaisation getting involved with..

I wont be writing tomorrow as I am going drinking after work with my staff... sure,..... you can join us if you are in Sydney.. so to remind you..
1) don't miss out on my auction lots see link in my favourites
2) if you are a seller, look into joining the IPDA
3) whoever you are, please bookmark my blogs and (just in case you cannot get into one you have a backup........ yeah ok so I am IT.... Enjoy your stamps.. Michael

Monday, June 12, 2006

interesting dates...........

Hi.. internet drop outs all yesterday so no blog and now I cannot get into my cddstamps weblog.. so short piece.. following on from my 06-06-06 piece, Adrian sent me this scan and the information about this issue based on 02-02-2002!!!!

It was the date of the marriage of the crown prince of the Netherlands. The design was based largely on all those 2's, with the red, white and blue being the Dutch flag and the orange being 'The House of Orange' and the silver giving it a royal sheen. interesting I thought.

Also I received a letter from Singapore dated 06-06-06, how wonderful of you Florence to think of me.. I am so pleased. Thank you, and also for the stamps for the Childrens Corner.

Hope to get back to my main site later. Best wishes.. Michael

Sunday, June 11, 2006

Hello, what new stamps have you seen this past week? All I ever seem to read about in the stamp magazines are new issues. So many, and where do people find the money to buy them I wonder. I have recently cancelled my Isle of Man and Guernsey and Alderney accounts. I cancelled my GB new issues some years ago. All too much for me to be honest. I only collect used copies now of GB commemoratives and mint Machins.

What do you collect? and are you finding countries are issuing more for the collector dollar (or whatever currency you have) rather than the postal needs of the country?

I have read about the new GB issue – some issue – for the world cup. While the issue starts off with 6 stamps - not too bad and featured by me some weeks ago - it goes on to include a “generic sheet” which costs £6.95 for 20 stamps with pictures (in the form of “stamps” ) called stills of the “finest hour”. Pictures that is, from the 1966 world cup. Which you may know England won. Are we still gloating and celebrating 40 years later. hee hee.. well they did win their opening game in this years world cup I am reliably (by my son) informed…………… Why it is the finest hour I don’t know since the pictures span the time from the opening of the gates at the stadium until the time England saluted the crowd with the cup.. but then does anyone know why the Royal Mail does anything these days… except to raise revenue. A business objective I understand, but surely they are going to kill the goose that laid the golden egg sooner or later.

Take the Washington World Philatelic Exhibition issue from the Royal Mail. To commemorate this event Royal Mail has issued a sheet of 20 stamps – 20 of the Hello stamps…. namely SG 2262, issued March 2002. attached to an “iconic image” ( Royal mail wording ) …. of a United States mailbox.

Please someone tell me I am wrong about this.. a boring Hello stamp and a picture of a mail box.. 20 times over.. and this is stamp collecting.. I don’t think so.. this is not philately.. this is wallpaper slogan collecting.. which if that is what you are into good for you… and good also for the Royal Mail as no doubt none of these piece of paper will be used for postal mailing… and will have no value in years to come… :-) I know someone will tell me of the exception to this .. please do and I will publish it. ;-)

Anyway.. I feel like I am on a roll here J Do you collect these Generic Smilers sheets.. I cannot afford to.. how can you ? And why do you.. please enlighten me.. what am I missing..

Finally. in answer to a question on my favourite stamp club board .. “what do you think of the Washington Smilers generic sheets” .. I think they are absurd.. a ripoff.. a waste of money, awful, an infringement of the code of philately – surely there is one :-) , and above all totally inappropriate and unrelated to the event they are supposedly issued for.

Have a great weekend.. enjoy the stamps I am sending you.. I have spent a few hours today packing prizes and stamps in response to emails from my children’s corner on

Best wishes and I look forward to your comments.. really constructive ones win a FDC or some sort………. Michael

Saturday, June 10, 2006

6th June 2006........

hope you like this.. I think I was quite lucky with the franking.. not obliterated as is often the case.. lets face it, one has to learn where to place the stamp on the envelope to get the right postmark. and let me tell you it is not in the top righthand corner.. see below

I have 4 of these.. slightly different positions but all in lovely condition.. I need your advice .. I want two for myself.. should I try to sell two on eBay.. or Stampoffers.. or offer them here... tricky eh!!!!!!

tell you what.. and I am nuts to do this.. if you want these send me US$40 via paypal and I will send you the two spare I have ... and you will know you have 2 of the 4 that were made by me.

I can show full envelope scan if you email me to ask for that: ... they are addressed to cddstamps and are in unopened envelopes. email me at cddstamps@gmail if you have questions or want to see scans of the full envelopes. Remember these cannot be reproduced as genuine, because of the franking across the top... that is the SWLF etc text.

What a surprise I got today... anyone remember my "Red Robin".. about a year ago.. well it came back to me today.. one year.. awesome.. I thought I had lost the stamps.. many thanks to those who did give me something back for what I offered to them.. one person is still on the circuit but for some reason the mailing came back to me.. I will send it on to that person and top up the stamps so that person gets a choice selection.. after all they have been waiting a year for a round (red) robin.

so.......... if
a) anyone wants to join my "red robin" (All used GB stamps mostly GV now) would they please email me within next few days - and details can be found in my achives .. see the first few days of my writings...
b) I am starting a "blue bird" ...any stamps that have something blue in them and wherever possible, birds on stamps .. I will take 10 people only.. will send as many stamps as I can,. you take a set number which I will say in the mailing to you if you sign up and you replace with GB issues from the year 2002 onwards ONLY..,. I expect to offer you to take 5 and replace with one.. maybe better but not worse.,. OK.. email me at cddstamps@gmail if you want to join....

look forward to hearing from you.. enjoy your stamps.. Micahel

Friday, June 09, 2006

advance notice

tomorrow I will get to the PO Box.. and collect my mail.. I hope to show the 06 June 06 frankings.. in the meantime.. ... thanks for the emails.. Adrian wins the essay.. what a brilliant email .. some details below about the designer.. here name was on the sheet.. I made it too easy didn't I..

Mayo, Eileen Rosemary; Dame (1906-94).Born in England, she studied in London at Slade School of Art (wood engraving and theatrical design) and Chelsea Polytechnic (sculpture, with Henry Moore), as well as in Paris at the Rubord atelier (tapestry) and Academy Montmartre (under Fernand Leggier). She herself lectured at St Martins School of Art and Sir John Cass College in London then, after moving to Australia in 1953, at the National Art School in Sydney (1957-62). After separating from her husband, in 1962 she moved in NZ, where her mother and sister had lived since 1921, and joined them in Waimate (South Canterbury). In addition to being a printmaker, illustrator, calligrapher and muralist, she designed coins, stamps, tapestry and posters, and wrote and illustrated eight books on natural science.

so much more to stamps.. have a great weekend and while you are.. have a look at my Stamoffers lots.. see link in my favourites

Best wishes.. Michael zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Thursday, June 08, 2006

Something different tonight.. a stamp essay. You all know what an essay is.. you wrote them in school .. but a stamp essay is something different. It is a prototype for a proposed stamp. In contrast, a proof is the prototype of an accepted stamp. Both essays and proofs are rare, as usually just a few are produced. They are not originally intended to be sold publicly, well to start with anyway, but handled by insiders or held in postal museums or collections. Possibly the first essay of a stamp not accepted is the Prince Consort Essay from 1850.

My scan below is of a reproduction sheet I received in my copy of the Australian Stamp News..

an unadopted essay….. Souvenir sheet.. . in other words a reproduction of the original essay. The original is held in the National Philatelic Collection.

As I had some fish on last nights cover I thought this might be a nice follow up to that Uganda cover. By the way I got some fantastic emails and one included pictures of people catching those fish ...amazing... Thanks Buddy..

Anyway this souvenir reproduction is yours if you can tell me the name of the designer… :-)

Must get to bed.. good night.. enjoy your stamps.. Michael

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Uganda 1977 Game Fish.. and other ramblings

Hello, how we all? Managing to find time to spend with your stamps? Lucky you.

I did manage to find 15 minutes today to go to the post office and mail some letters. Some to those of you who won auction lots. You may be pleased when you see what I am sending as the letters are hand franked for 06 06 06. I mailed letters to myself as well, all with hand frankings. I do hope they arrive clean. Will show then to you when I get them.

Have not had a chance to read my emails or spend any time with stamps so have little of interest to write. As I said last night I am becoming the most boring person around.. well you don’t have to agree with me you know.

Work is nuts is all I can say, and arriving at 7:30 and leaving at 6:30 is not good for anything except the bank balance. Just think, I cannot even make time to look at eBay and spend all this hard earned loot .... oh well that is life.

When I get home I may try to find something interesting to show you. More later.

Am home.. so what do you think of this cover?

I was looking for some superannuation papers and found these. No don’t ask me why my filing is such a mess.. it just is ok

These are yours email me at …. All you have to do is tell me the names of the fish… easy eh !!!!!!!!!!!!!.. I will make it easier.. the English names will do.. ha ha

Enjoy your stamps.. best wishes… Michael

Monday, June 05, 2006

what is interesting me today

Hello everyone, guess what.. Mailed some stamps to many of you today, including those who won some of the Stampoffers lots. I should point out that there are still a few lots up for auction. Just click on the cddstamps auction link and you go right to the lots. All lots start at $1. Hope you have a look as there are some nice PNG presentation packs still available. I am basically giving these away for the cost of the postage. I might make a dollar but that only goes towards the costs of the postage for my quizzes.

Tomorrow is an interesting date, 06-06-06. How many of you will be mailing yourself some letters to get that postmark. I might send a few to myself. Doesn’t come around very often does it :-) think about it I have (somewhere) 03 -03-03, same for 04 and same for 05. Of course I don’t know where they are in my boxes of stamps but one day they will surface no doubt.

If you collect such material have a look at the Norvic Philatelics link, as Ian does – or used to – produce special covers for these dates. Hey, and if you want to mail me a letter I would be thrilled to receive one with that date …. May be I could have a small collection from different countries… go on .. spoil me :-)

You may recall me talking about gbmachins work on the Millennium Machins a few weeks ago. Well this weekend I got a copy of the complete and published text. The format and presentation is superb and the content is even better. Brilliant work Roy. A series of Machins that are not that well recorded – except by Roy – and which I think you will really enjoy reading. Have a look at his web site or go one better and write to him for a copy. I have his site as one of my links.. always easy to find OK.

One final thought for today as I am nearly at my train station.. guess what we had here in Sydney today ......... A clue.. it is wet and falls from the sky. Really amazing stuff. :-) Sadly I read that none of it fell on our dams.

What does it tell you about my life when I get excited about actually mailing letters to you, thinking about getting letters from you and having it rain all day. Tomorrow will be better.. I don’t think so.. :-) Must go read your blogs about Washington Stamp show. Those I have read have been very well written and interesting. That might cheer me up

Enjoy your stamps……………… Michael

Saturday, June 03, 2006

June 2nd 1953 HM QE II Coronation issue

Hi everyone,, these are the stamps I was refering to in my last article. They were issued on June 2nd 1953 for the Coronoation of HM Queen Elizabeth II.

Sadly I had to work a 10 hour day yesterday and I have conference calls most of the morning today ( Sunday) so no long winded chat today :-) am really trying to find some time to get stamps out to you and reply to emails.. but not doing very well so please be patient with me.. or if you are an Oracle db / Unix guru give me a call.. I may have a job for you ha ha ...
Enjoy your weekend and your stamps.. Michael

Friday, June 02, 2006

something special this day - June 2nd - in history

Hello everyone.. first a big thank you for all entries yesterday to the Paddington Bear question.. lots of entries and I will put names in a hat and get one of the children to draw a winner..

What about this list below, what is missing in terms of significant events on this day ... .. I am looking for you to tell me the set of stamps that were issued on this day, June 2nd, many years ago to commemorate a rather special occassion.. there has not been such an occassion since I might add.. am trying not to make it too obvious of course, but still I think I have made it too easy will find something collectable for the winner.. lets try 3rd entry this time.... ok,, oh and there is a theme in the listing of events that might give you a clue

1627 British King Charles I granted a charter of incorporation to the Guiana Company.
1627 The Duke of Buckingham sailed from Portsmouth with a fleet to aid the Huguenots in the defence of La Rochelle.
1793 The final overthrow of Girondins and arrest of Jacques Brissot began the Reign of Terror in the French Revolution.
1949 Transjordan was renamed the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan

You will be so surprised if you dont get this .. ok something British.. now that is far too easy, so I expects hundreds of emails

Looking forward to hearing from you all..... Enjoy your stamps.. Michael

Thursday, June 01, 2006

what stamp is this ...............

am a bit jaded from the day and so was thinking on the train home how jaded are you from your day.. or how sharp are you ??? .. once I get some stamp topic in mind it seems to give me second wind.. so to speak.. so what stamp is this ... country???, and value ?? ..

.email me at and I will find something worthwhile as a prize for the winner

Enjoy your stamps..

oh and did I tell you about my Stampoffers lots all starting a US $1.. see the link on my favourites

Enjoy your stamps... Michael Leave Comment Permanent Link Cosmos

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