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Friday, June 23, 2006

Australia 2... Italy ???????????

I know this might not mean much to all stamps collectors in some parts of the world but it is something important to everyone here in Australia.

I should be supporting England of course.. in fact I am really .. honestly... but I feel an obligation to fly the flag of the country I live in.

Nothing to do with stamps.. although I wonder does anyone have any stamps from Italy that have been issued for the World Cup .. if you do please send me a scan and I will show then to everyone

and back to Australia getting through to the next round .. I was walking down George Street here in Sydney this 07:30 ... it was crowded.. cars hooting their horns.. amazing noise and atmosphere.. I got to my office for some peace and quite

Hope your team is doing well and you enjoy your stamps.. please send me scans from your country.. I will gladly share them with everyone... Michael


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