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Tuesday, June 13, 2006

singapore 060606 and if you sell stamps please read on...

and maybe when I start writing I will think of something else to write about........ am feeling rather tired today.. was up at 4 this morning. yeah gods wish I could sleep longer... but cannot.. was dreaming about stamps.. you believe that .. surely not

So I thought you might like to see the envelope I got from Singapore.. with the 06-06--6 franking.. although like many postal authorities they do not actually use all numbers.. ....pity... sender address deleted for privacy reasons of course.. quite nice dont you think..

has anyone actually got a cover with the franking all numbers 06-06-06.. I would be surprised.. but if you do please send a scan to me and I will show it to everyone.

What a day.... good start as I had an IPDA Board meeting and was elected to the Publicity Officer role. That means I am going to publicise the IPDA.. more than I have done.. because I think you should be aware of the organisation.

If you sell stamps online in any way please think about joining.. small organisation at this point in time but run by a very dedicated and competent group of people who really want the selling of stamps on the internet to be a good experience..... and if you buy from someone who is an IPDA member you know we have checked them out and feel they deserve membership to the values we hold true to.

So if you are a seller, please have a look at we have a some really experienced people running the organisation.. just look at the web masters materials.. I have told you about his own site a few times before.. that must say something about us ( see gbmachins in my favourites listing) And Dave the Stamp Dad.... how good is his site and offerings.....

Anyway, if you want any more information write to me or just follow the links on the web site I mentioned... As publicity Director ( as well as regional Director for Australia) I am sure there are some liberties I can take.. in promoting the organisation.... so I personally will send any new member 10 FDC of my choice as a signing bonus.. if they sign by end of June. Ok not much but just to show you I think it an organaisation getting involved with..

I wont be writing tomorrow as I am going drinking after work with my staff... sure,..... you can join us if you are in Sydney.. so to remind you..
1) don't miss out on my auction lots see link in my favourites
2) if you are a seller, look into joining the IPDA
3) whoever you are, please bookmark my blogs and (just in case you cannot get into one you have a backup........ yeah ok so I am IT.... Enjoy your stamps.. Michael


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