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Friday, February 05, 2016

Hello, Friday night and as promised I made the draw for the Groundhog day competition.

Each entry was given a number and I used a random number generator to select the winner.

Lucky number went to George from Taiwan. I will be mailing the prize, Miniature sheet, in the morning before I fly out for  5 days in the Philippines.

Decided to do a runner up prize given so many entries and that went to Sally from Malayasia.

With entries from Australia,  USA, Romania, The Netherlands, Belguim, Indonesia, China, Canada and UK this was biggest entry of any of my competitions. Thanks to all for reading the blog.

Have a great weekend and Kung Hei Fat Choy, Happy Chinese New Year to all my readers.


Thursday, February 04, 2016

Browsing an auction site today I saw the above stamp listed. It gave me the idea that it is about time I did another short piece on stamp quality. I would hope people have enough smarts to know the obviously good from bad but there are new people getting involved in this wonderful hobby so it doesn’t hurt to be repetitive on this topic and expand on the obvious.

The stamps above is listed as  ”  fresh color, cancelled, Fine-VF”    surely no one could possible think this was a correct description. As sellers we all make mistakes however hard we try not to. But fresh colour?  I do not think so.  And, it is certainly not Fine-VF (Very Fine) as the postal cancel is blurred, heavy and across the King’s face. And, one more, which you have seen I am sure, the bottom left short perf is really a missing corner in my view. If I was really being fussy I would also point out that the image is not well centered, the white margin at the top of the stamp is larger than the white margin at the bottom.  Centering is often considered an important factor when considering quality condition and price.

Two tips if you are not sure. First, assuming you have a Stanley Gibbons Catalogue, have a look at the front of it for the “Condition Guide” section. It really is very good. Usually there are two or three pages describing quality conditions with words and pictures.  Second, have a browse on the auction site, or another auction site, for the same stamp and compare. That is very easy to do and will most likely give you a good comparison.
I hope you found this useful especially if you are a new collector

Kung Hei Fat Choy – Happy Chinese New Year to all my readers.

Tuesday, February 02, 2016

Hello everyone, Happy Groundhog Day.. actually it is so cold here in Hong Kong, were we ever to have such creatures there is no way they would come up to see if the shine was shining or they could catch a shadow. Anyway, I thought a competition was due. It also being Chinese New Year soon.

So the Miniature sheet above as a prize. Nice one I think.

Just email your answer to me at and include your mailing address ( in case you win) I do not keep mailing addresses as I always tell people but still I get entries with no mailing addresses. No mailing address and you are not entered into the competition.. Sorry.

anyway  email me and give me the answer to this question:  In what year was Groundhog day apdopted in the USA?  

Too easy..    I will randomly draw  a winner on Friday 5th February in the evening my time and mail the prize the following morning  I fly out  Saturday for a few days in the Philippines for sun sunshine.  That will be my Chinese New Year break.

Enjoy your stamps, Groundhog Day and Chinese New Year..  Best wishes..Michael

Friday, January 29, 2016

Hello, Friday night, TGIF. Some time for stamps and I am starting  to work on some Montserrat stock.  I thought you might enjoy seeing this.  SG 1.

From the first issue in 1876. It was a stamp of Antigua overprinted with Montserrat. This copy is Mint but hinged at least twice and under light on the reverse I can see a small crease across one top corner

Still,  the cat from my 2013 SG Commonwealth catalogue is £26.   Will be in my shop - check here before too long along with more QV, GV,  EDW VII, GVI and QE II material.

If this British Commonwealth country is something you collect please have a look - but give me time to get them listed! Some of this early Montserrat material has very good catalogue value and I will be setting some good bargains here I am quite sure.

Have a great philatelic weekend.


Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Hello, Australia Day today, maybe some readers are from Australia and have been celebrating. I hope you had a safe and happy time. 

I found this MS  (SG MS 2066) from a quick look through some stock tonight.

I hope you enjoy seeing it. It was issued in 2001 to celebrate the Centenary of Federation.

If you want to see more Australia please visit the cddstamps store at  Here  where I have some 1900 items for sale to help you fill a few gaps in your collection.

Best wishes… 

Friday, January 22, 2016

Hello everyone, Friday night and time for some writing and stamps. You may be bored with the Chinese New Year Issues by now, every country you can think of issues a commemorative set. Anything to raise revenue I guess.

But these from Hong Kong and a corner block. So quite collectible. Hope you enjoy seeing them.
Have a great weekend, enjoy your stamps and please visit me at
if you want to fill a few gaps in your collection.  

Best wishes..... Michael

Monday, January 18, 2016

Hello, I am back again.  Wish I had more time for stamps. Thanks for all your good wishes.

Do you like this block. I was sorting stamps over the weekend, in preparation for a move - albeit in a few months time but I have to start early as there are  boxes and boxes of stamps to be moved and over the coming weeks and months I am planning on doing some serious cleaning out  - time permitting - so watch this space.

This nice block with Margin Plate 15A issued 1972 from the Decimal Currency issue. SG 831b. Low cat of £0.80p per stamp for used but with a block of 15 I think it is collectible. Top row left to right second stamp has perfs separated from the next stamp, and there are a couple of light creases showing on the reverse of 4 of the stamps. There were two printings of this stamp as I recall but I do not have my specialised catalogue with me - it is already packed and shipped so I do not know which one this is.

If you collect blocks I will send this to you for USD $5 inclusive of postage and packing etc.
first email to by date stamp will get it. Write me first please and I will send you my paypal payment details.

This is only available to readers of this blog, unless not sold over coming week or two.

I hope you enjoy seeing this

Best wishes.... Michael

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