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Thursday, May 02, 2019

Improving your stamp collection. How best to do this.

One obvious way is to buy the stamp or stamps you need. But how do you decide who to buy from in this internet world where you have such an amazing choice of sellers.

What must seem like zillions of sellers across the various auction sites and various philatelic portals. Take Hipstamp, where cddstamps has our shop: there are 931 sellers. Now ok, not everyone will have what you need but you are presented with a vast choice.

Take as a random choice, and this really was a random stamp I thought of, Ceylon SG 395, SC#287 the 1r George VI from the 1938-44 Definitive issue. From two quick searches I found over 100 listings for this stamp. How do you possibly choose which one to buy. In fact, do you even bother to look at 100 listings and whittle them down to a few to chose from? I doubt it.

All this to say we at cddstamps have just passed 12,000 customer feedbacks in our Hipstamp store and yes, positive feedbacks. And you know what? We are pretty proud of that.

When looking for a stamp you can select by price, by the quality you want, from Mint to Used for example, by the listing description detail, the listing image details (and at cddstamps we usually show an image of the reverse on higher catalogued stamps), and seller reputation.

We hope you will give cddstamps a chance. We feel confident you will appreciate the listing details we provide – especially where it is needed on those stamps that are not simply, let’s call them the basic stamps, but, for example, where there are perforation differences and shade differences.

We look forward to welcoming new customers as we always do welcome our returning customers, have a great philatelic month of May.

You can read more at our website at or copy this link to get straight into our store

Best wishes Michael


Wednesday, May 01, 2019

Today is May 1st so I thought it timely to say welcome to May.

It is actually an ancient European Spring Festival celebration so if you want you can go and dance around the May pole and not feel ridiculous.

But that has nothing to do with stamps. So I will just stay with philatelic themes.

First, on May 1st 1840 the Penny Black became available for sale, to be used from 6th May.

Jumping fast forward 178 years, on May 1st 2018 the Smithsonian’s National Postal Museum opened an exhibition titled Postmen of the Skies. This celebrated 100 years of Airmail service. If you have not been it is still open but only for another 29 days. It closes on 29th May 2019. There was of course a special issue stamp. The United States Postal Service commemorated the beginning of airmail services by dedicating two United States Air Mail Forever stamps. The first, depicted in blue, commemorates the pilots who first flew the mail in the early years of aviation. I have added another recent issue which I think is far more attractive.

And finally, perhaps best known, is that 1st May is known as May Day. It is also known as Labour Day or International Workers’ Day and is a national holiday in more than 80 countries and celebrated unofficially in many others. Many stamps probably come to mind. I have chosen this one from Russia for us to see.

The date was chosen in 1904 at the Sixth Conference of the Second International by a pan-national organization of socialist and communist political parties to commemorate the Haymarket Affair although the day was first proposed back in the 1880s and I think celebrated from about 1886. It called on "all Social Democratic Party organisations and trade unions of all countries to demonstrate energetically on the First of May for the legal establishment of the 8 hour day for the class demands of the proletariat and for universal peace” Well we got the 8 hour day. Still working on the peace bit.

Oh, and if you are in the USA or Canada, yes I know they have Labour Day on the first Monday of September.

And, if you really want to be entertained, try reading more about May 1st, especially the history behind the ancient spring festival, absolutely fascinating history. So many “events” are actually celebrated on May 1st. Perhaps it has something to do with the ancient spring festival karma!

Enjoy and learn from your philately. Michael please visit our store here and see if we can help you fill a few gaps in your collection.

Friday, April 26, 2019

Hello, I hope you enjoy seeing this stamp. One of the things about philately that I enjoy is the reading and learning that goes with a stamp. Take this one. Do you know who Nellie McClung was? April 24th was the date in 1928 that the Supreme Court of Canada made its initial unanimous decision in what later became known as the Persons Case.

Here is an article to help you. Click this link And think, wow!! this is how some people thought back in 1927 / 1928. I find it hard to believe but they did. Really quite amazing isn't it.

Enjoy your collecting and all we enjoy and learn from it. Have a great weekend


Friday, April 19, 2019

Sometimes you just have to say, ok! so they were desperate for a stamp design theme - maybe this is one of those times. 10 years ago, issued in 2009 to commemorate “Roadside Attractions”, yes they were desperate for a topic I guess, or someone had just visited Australia and seen the 2007 stamps issued to commemorate “Big Things”.

I am not making this up. Seriously, Australia issued a stamp set in 2007 of 5 stamps with the theme “Big Things”. Embarrassing as far as I was concerned.

Anyway, Canada Post obviously wanted to out-do the Aussies but only found 4 Big things in their 2009 issue.

And this “Giant Easter Egg” found on the roadside in Vegreville in Alberta was one of them.

Don’t believe me read this actually very interesting

I used to live in Canada, then Australia, now Philippines. Surely Philippine Post will not follow suit!

Don’t eat too many chocolate Easter eggs and have a lovely and safe holiday weekend.

Best wishes Michael

Saturday, April 13, 2019

Hi, I have not written for a while. Actually I haven't found anything to write about to be honest. But I just saw this. Listed in an auction with the other three in the set, as "Fine Used".

Sorry, this is "damaged" and a "spacefiller" at best. Please, new collectors especially or collectors with not that much experience of the stamps in these early QE II issues:

1) please read the stamp condition guide at the front of your catalogue and learn the correct quality grading descriptions. It upsets me that someone will buy this perhaps thinking it is as described by the seller. and,

2) please get yourself a decent catalogue. This is listed with the other three in the set as Scott 371 - 374. That makes this Scott 374. Actually there are two printings in this set, De La Rue and Bradbury Wilkinson. The Stanley Gibbons Concise catalogue shows both. SG 598 for this £1 value for the De La Rue printing with a 2018 catalogue value of £12. The Bradbury Wilkinson printing is SG 598a with a catalogue value of £8. Without seeing the actually stamp it is hard to tell but I suspect this is the BW printing. Oh, and I am assuming the seller did actually check the watermark on all the stamps as there was a different watermark for the 1955 issue of this design and value, but that is another aspect.

So you have a stamp (in a set) listed by a catalogue number you really do not know what it is and in a condition that is just so totally incorrect. To the person who wrote to me that dealers are cheats, well you are spot on in this case. But one bad apple does not make all apples bad!

Have a great philatelic weekend. Michael

Saturday, March 16, 2019

March madness minisale moving Montserrat Malta …..starting Monday 18th, 20% off. Maybe motivate you to find some missing stamps; make up a mix of mint and used. maybe! Michael :-)

Hello, I am finally making time to write as I found this corner block in the mail the other day. I hope you enjoy seeing these. On Silver Hot Foil and showing Year of the Monkey, Rooster, Pig and Dog. This set was issued by Hong Kong Post for the Year of the Pig.

Have a lovely weekend and enjoy your stamps Michael

Saturday, March 09, 2019

Hello, my weekend challenge.... sometimes it is nice to have this challenge :-) SG 204a or SG 192. I am reviewing more North Borneo stock. The vermilion and carmine OPT are not that easy to see apart but this one has me guessing. Big difference in cat listing so I don't want to get it wrong... do I :-) Anyone think they can tell just from this scan? Have a great weekend Michael

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