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Sunday, April 12, 2015

Hello, finally made some time to catch up with emails and make the draw of the competition I mentioned last week.

 I do thank so many of you for entering the competition. Perhaps interesting research and reading for you.

 I decided to give two prizes..   

first prize is to Ant from Malta. Your prize of the coronation presentation pack  will be in the mornings mail

and a second prize a GB  presentation pack of the 1976 Bi-Centennial of American independence issue will be in the mail to Anand from India

Sorry some didn't win..    but I will do more competitions in coming weeks.

Enjoy your stamps and,  if you are looking to fill a few gaps in your collection please give me a try. I just finished loading more New Zealand to my bidStart Store,  am up to 1984 now ,   click here for all countries.


Friday, April 10, 2015

Hello and TGIF.  How good a feeling is it.  Friday night here and I havie been looking for cricket stamps from Australia so I could show one to accompany, in my small way, my respect for the great Richie Benaud. As you will no doubt have read he died peacefully in his sleep last night.  Every news channel everywhere has written about him and what a legend he was so I won't repeat details about him.

I don't think he has been honoured on an Australian stamp - I could be wrong - but surely  there can be few others in the sporting arena, expecially cricket, to deserve such an honour.

Thanks for the cricketing brilliance, the wonderful commentaries and yes, inspiration to many of us, over the years.

Have a great weekend everyone.

Wednesday, April 08, 2015

Hello, how was your Easter weekend? Good I hope.  Went so fast didn't it?  Mind you, I was busy sorting more New Zealand for the bidStart Store. Some 400 plus new listings.  No sooner were they listed and I had 100 plus sales. Hard to keep a good offer quiet for too long I guess.  Fill a few gaps in your collection at very  competitive prices. Don't take my word for it. Just have a look.

While opening some boxes I found I have quite a lot of GB Presentation packs. Not listed yet and I am told not really very likely to sell  as so many issued and, as you have heard me say many times, there is just so much old GB MUH around.

Anyway  this one as a prize. Pack 101, SG 1059 - 1062.   I have not done a competition for some time so thought this might be one way to see these go to a deserving home.

To enter, just send me an email,  with the correct answers to the following two questions: I will randomly pick a winner  this weekend from all emails received.

These are based on the stamps of course.
1) one of the stamps shows the St Edward's Crown,  yes the 10 ½p stamp, but, which monarch was this crown made for? Please name the monarch.
2) The State Coach is shown on the 9p stamp. In what year was this coach completed? State the year.

 easy as!!!

Enjoy your stamps and if you have gaps in your GB collection then please have a look at my bidStart Store listings. 


Wednesday, April 01, 2015

Hello, welcome to April. No April Fools lines from me, just this lovely FDC.  Issued to me  25 years ago. and in stunning condition.  It has SG1467, 1469, 1471, 1473 and 1474 on it. My 2014 Collect British stamps lists it at £7.00. It is in my Bidstart Store for way less than that I can assure you.

But, and this is a reason I am showing it, I read the 2015 issue of Stangley Gibbins Collect British Stamps is published, and the review I read said many prices had been revised. Upwards I can only presume.  No idea what has happened to this but I do think the stamps are very collectible and not that easily found for everyone.

Anyone got a copy of the 2015 catalgue yet?  and can you tell me if the catalogue value has changed. Maybe the individual stamps have if not the FDC.  email me at

I do not have time to revise listing prices, I have over 4000 GB stamps in the Store and I do not have the 2015 issue anyway so more bargains are there for the taking.

And why did think of all this, because I sold a cover today and this got me thinking, Someone smart picking up a good deal for their collection.

Enjoy your stamps and if you want to fill a few gaps in your collect please enjoy visiting  here. You will see I have even cleaned up the page to make it easier to find the country you are looking for. And, of course to find this cover just type 1990 in the Search For field and up it will come, with others from 1990.

Best wishes... Michael.

PS if you do not already receive my monthly - easy to read one page - Newsletter also drop me an email and I will send  the April edition to you.  You won't know what you are missing until you read it :-)

Saturday, March 28, 2015

Tonight I hope you enjoy seeing this se-tenant strip,  click image to enlarge for better view of the details.

The 2004 World of Wearable Arts issue SG 2701 - 2705 (must have had a dry spell think of commemorative issue topics perhaps!)  These are full gum but have commemorative cancel on them. Anyone know if this detracts or adds value?

Pretty stamps all the same.

Have a great weekend,  ... Michael

Thursday, March 19, 2015

Hello,   tonight this stunning issue from Hong Kong Post. I really like these. Hope you do.   click image to enlarge for better view.

The issue is titled  "Astronomical Phenomena".   Issued March 17th and showing seven astronomical phenomena to introduce us to the fascinating world of astronomy.

$1.70  Solar Eclipse
When the Moon moves between the Sun and Earth and blocks the Sun, a solar eclipse occurs. There are three types of solar eclipses: total solar eclipse, partial solar eclipse and annular solar eclipse. When a total solar eclipse occurs, in which the Sun is completely blocked by the Moon, the surrounding environment on the ground suddenly turns dark. This dramatic change is spectacular.

$2.20  Meteor Shower
When the Earth passes through the orbit of a comet, its meteoroids will enter the Earth's atmosphere. Heated by the atmosphere, the meteoroids will become visible as meteors. A meteor shower is an event in which an unusually large number of meteors can be seen streaming from a certain point in the sky known as the "radiant". Meteors from most meteor showers are fragments left over by comets in space.

$2.90  Comet
A comet is a celestial body that travels between the outer and the inner parts of the solar system. When it approaches the Sun, the temperature increases and, affected additionally by solar radiation and charged particles, the dust and rocks of the comet will be carried away or ionised, and separated from the comet's surface. A comet normally shows two tails, one composed of dust and the other of ionised gas.
$3.10  Saturn's Ring Tilt Variation
The tilting angle of Saturn's ring does not change with respect to Saturn itself. However, if observed from the Earth, we will see that the tilting angle of Saturn's ring appears to change. It is because the orbital period of the Earth is one year, while that of Saturn is about 30 years. When the Earth revolves once around the Sun, the relative position of Saturn also changes a little bit.

$3.70  Sunspot
Sunspots are small black spots on the surface of the Sun which are related to the magnetic activity of the Sun. A large group of sunspots may appear during a peak in solar activity. Sunspots are in fact not dark. They only appear dark as their brightness is lower than the normal surface of the Sun. Sunspots mostly concentrate around the solar equator and can last for hours or months.

$5  Moon-Planet Conjunction
The orbit of the Moon and the orbit of the Earth and other planets lie nearly in the same plane. So when we observe from the Earth, the Moon is sometimes seen to be very close to other planets. We call it a conjunction when the Moon and a planet are at an apparent closest approach. A Moon-planet conjunction may form an interesting pattern such as the "smiley face" in the stamp.

Interesting,  I hope you agree. Enjoy your stamps. Thanks to Hong Kong Post for the information. Well done.


Friday, March 13, 2015

Hello, Friday again and time for some writing. Another week passed me by so fast. I packed stamps orders but that was about it as far as philatelic activities went. Next week will be worse and then I am off overseas again on the Friday morning so apology if you don't hear much from me for a while.

Tonights stamp is one I saw at random in my stock - to be listed I might add in my bidStart Store - may do some this weekend if time permits - as have so much NZ stock to still list for you.

Interesting gentleman and quite an achiever I believe.

In 1871, the Directors of the Emigrants and Colonists Aid Corporation in Great Britain began to look at selecting a block of land in Australia or New Zealand so they could proceed with their proposed emigration scheme.  Feilding, a colonel at the time, and one of the Directors of the Corporation, was selected to travel to both Australia and New Zealand  to look for possibilities. During his trip his social standing gave him an entree to the people who mattered in government circles in both countries. 

After Australia was deemed unsuitable (really!!!)  he went to New Zealand  and eventually found  106,000 acre which was purchased for the then price of  £75,000 from the Wellington Provincial Government.  Nice little block eh!!!  That is about  £8 million in today’s money.

Anyway the stamp is SG 1237 and is catalogued at £0.20. Issued at a face value of 20c back in 1981.

Moral of the story. But land not stamps. Hahahahahahahahahahahahaha

Have a great weekend,  and  to help you, just have a look at and perhaps find a few stamps to fill some of those gaps in your collection. Cheaper than land, of which I don’t have any to sell!!!!


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