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Saturday, November 22, 2014

Hello, I hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend. Just a short post tonight as I thought you might enjoy seeing these stamps that I found sorting my stock today. Always nice to find something with good catalogue value and in lovely condition. The bottom one is SG 31 with 2013 GB catalogue of £65. The top one, also looks lovely and I do like the design. It is also SG 31 but sadly it is lightly creased when seen from the reverse but as I say still nice to see I think. Have a great weekend Michael

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Hello, I picked up a few copies of the new Hong Kong Christmas stamps in the Miniature Sheet this past weekend. Hope you like these. I think they are rather attractive, certainly different. I have had no more emails of people sending me images of their country Christmas stamps, so perhaps I don't have many readers these days. Such is life. If you are a reader then this special just for you. I am promoting this no where else. Order US $10.00 of stamps from my Bidstart Store at My Bidstart Store/ I have over 11,000 lots to chose from to fill a gap or two or more in your collection and be one of the first 5 orders and I will use this Miniature sheet as postage. More postage than I need but you will like the cancelled MS as I will get it hand franked for you as well. enjoy your stamps.. Best wishes.. Michael

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Hello,  how nice to receive this image above of some Christmas stamps from The Netherlands. I do hope you enjoy seeing these as much as I did.

Thanks to one of my regular readers who will be receiving my customer Christmas present very soon.

Been a long day, so time for some stamps to help me relax :-)

Best wishes.. Michael

Monday, November 10, 2014

Hello, welcome to another week. A week closer to Christmas.  what? some 40 days now I think. I bet you haven't bought yourself a Christmas present yet? Have you?  I have ..   and I even have a few more to buy myself.  Yes stamps, oh and a lovely fountain pen I saw yesterday.  It was hard but I resisted,  maybe next weekend.

Anyway, for your Christmas present you can find some excellent material in my Bidstart Store   click and type Edward in  the Search for field,  and don't forget, you are likely to get my Customer Christmas present as well, for free.  Last nights customer had his mailed today.

I finally made some time to load a few GB Edward VII. More to come in coming days. The above is SG 273, Deep Rose Red with a lovely cancel, I think you will agree.



Saturday, November 08, 2014

Hello, How is your weekend going?  Good I hope. Finally got my Hong Kong Christmas stamps. What do you think of this Miniature Sheet?

Anyone got a favourite Christmas stamp they have seen?  Write to me with image of the stamp(s) and For the first 12 emails -  12 days of Christmas  :-)  -  with images  I will send you my cddstamps customer Christmas present as a little Christmas gift from me to you. Please include your mailing address.

Only 46 days to Christmas :-)

Best wishes   Michael

Friday, November 07, 2014

TGIF. It feels so good doesn't it.  And how have I just spent 2 hours...... reading about and looking at stamps. Actually more Hong Kong and that is why I am showing this one.

I cannot find it in my catalogue. So time to ask the readers. What is it? SG number please? Value in whatever catalogue you might have.

Hope you like seeing it.

Have a great weekend.


Thursday, November 06, 2014

I am so depressed tonight. Golf was very good...... and very very bad. Shucks. My putting really let me down too many times. But home to stamps........... arrrrggghh that feels better :-)

This week I have been listing Hong Kong in the Bidstart Store and I really enjoyed seeing the stock I have.

Useful selection of QV from QV SG 1 through SG 53. If that doesn't tease you to have a look and see if you can fill a few gaps in your collection perhaps looking at the early QEII varieties I listed will.

If neither then just enjoy seeing these stamps above.

QV SG1 and  QE II SG 193a pair with top stamp variety, spot on character

I checked some prices against a well know auction site and while some of my prices are higher I think the quality is better.

Also don't forget my customer Christmas present for all orders of US $15. See previous posts for details or just visit the website.

Best wishes, tomorrow is Friday how good is that :-)


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