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Monday, May 23, 2016

Hi, am studying Gibraltar with intention of loading more to the online store. Am finding it a challenge to identify some of the early QV but I think, maybe not?? I have this one correct. SG 18a and it is Mint with full gum and a clean hinge attached and with what I think is the '5' short foot. What do readers thinks?. The scans are a bit deceptive in my view as under magnifying glass the "short foot" on the 5 looks very more pronounced. Thoughts?

michael - ( oh and FYI the web site is fixed and clean again

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Hello, today, 11 May,  Hong Kong Post issued this  beautiful miniature sheet as part of their World Heritage in China Series.  It shows the "Grand Canal" which was inscribed on the World Heritage List in 2014.  I will be using this on the next 10 orders from  my online store  and getting the stamp hand cancelled so you can be assured of a collectible copy  -   just visit me at the SG Marketplace store here,  or go to the Bidstart store  here  and hopefully you will find some stamps, from the 17,000 in stock,  to fill a few gaps in your collection  - everything is listed by SG number and many by theme.

Some details about the Grand Canal:  It comprises 27 sections with a total length of 1,011 kilometres. Running through Central and Eastern China, it embraces the Sui-Tang Grand Canal, the Beijing-Hangzhou Canal and the Zhedong Canal as well as several major heritage sites.

It  was constructed in sections from the 5th century BC onwards. In the 7th century AD, the ruler of the Sui Dynasty conceived of the Grand Canal as a unified inland transportation system for conveying grain and strategic raw materials. Today, the Grand Canal not only serves as a major transportation route, but also plays an important role in communication, irrigation and water supply for the regions it flows through.  The Grand Canal has enabled the exchange of supplies between northern China and southern China over the centuries. As the longest and oldest artificial waterway in the world, it testifies to the country's remarkable achievements in hydraulic engineering.
The stamp sheet depicts a picturesque view of the Grand Canal in winter snow, featuring scenic attractions along the waterway such as the iconic Gongchen Bridge at the end of the Beijing-Hangzhou Canal in Hangzhou and the Memorial Archway of the Ancient Dongguan Dock in Yangzhou.

Enjoy your stamps, Best wishes   Michael

Wednesday, May 04, 2016

Hello,  I received two letters in yesterdays mail. Some nice stamps some might say. Sadly sellotape over the  definitives, would have been a collectible piece perhaps. And not postally cancelled, again. Well at least it did not have pen scribble all over it.  Issued in 1993 as a self adhesive.  Not bad to use a 1st class stamp from 1993 which would originally have cost 24p at todays  1st class stamp rate of 64p I think it is. Perhaps also interesting is that SG 2015 catalogue lists this stamp at £2.50 for a Mint stamp.

The other letter had the white “Label”  (image enhanced so you can see it a bit better) was also nice to see, although of course I would prefer real stamps, LOL. I do like the bottom right hand corner text, “single use only”.  Not quite sure how these can be used given they have date and place already printed on them, but then the thought of reusing these would never have crossed my mind.

Hope your stamps come through the mail as you would wish.

Saturday, April 30, 2016

Hello, I hope this finds everyone well and having a great weekend. This is one of my latest listings in my online store  - click here - 

It is SG 254c from the 1970-74 Birds issue.  This was issued in October of 1974 a few years later than the most of the issue in 1971. It is in stunning condition with the lightest of a very small hinge mark. The SG cat is £18 and I have it listed for 60% of cat for what is a quite difficult stamp I think.

Although many might think of a thrush being, for example, from England as I recall this bird, it is endemic to the Dominca, Guadeloupe, St Lucia and Montserrat islands in the Caribbean.

Hope you enjoyed seeing it. Have a great weekend


Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Hello, I hope you enjoy this variety 
Another nice find while preparing more material to load to the online store. Hope someone can afford this one  :-)  smile emotic Cannot find a copy for sale on any auction or web sites so something special if you want to fill a big gap in your collection. Of course lots more at dollars and cents prices.
This Cyprus variety (watermark Multi Crown CA) is SG 76a, showing "broken bottom left triangle" 

Stamp is Mint with clean gum and only a light hinge mark; 2014 catalogue value is £140, not that I am asking that for it of course. By comparison the normal stamp is £3. If nothing else I hope you enjoy seeing it and now know what to look for in your 1912 and 1923 Cyprus George V issues as this flaw is in both issues. ( PS click zoomed image to see full comparison)
Enjoy your stamps... Michael

Sunday, April 17, 2016

Hello, I will get back to other blogs later but today I thought I would show these two stamps. Preparing to load more stock to my Bidstart Store over the weekend I found these. Always worth checking closely as I have said many times because otherwise you could easily miss a variety.

The top stamp is normal SG SG 111 from Uganda Kenya & Tanganyika while the one below is variety SG 111a. 30p (GBP) for the normal stamp and £7 for the variety, "rope joined to sail".

When Bidstart is up again, a slight problem at the moment it seems as I cannot load new stock, these along with many more will be added to my Store.

Enjoy your stamps.  Michael

Friday, April 15, 2016

Hello, Friday evening here in Hong Kong and time for stamps.

Continuing my new theme of writing about other philatelic sites and blogs I would like to introduce you to this excellent site from Romania.  - blog timbrofil

Two nicely presented recent writings, One on Edward Knapp who was a prominent philatelist who specialised in postal history of the USA and the Confederate States of America.  He accumulated a collection of rare items including hotel covers which formed a collection with which he won many awards including international awards in 1926 and 1936.

The most recent writing I saw was about the Royal Mail Shakespeare issue. To be honest not my favourite designs (see above image) but nice to see the 400th anniversary of his death commemorated. I think Royal Mail could have issued less stamps though. Of course it must have been a challenge to select the quotes. They missed a few of my favourites though: Love all, trust a few, do wrong to none, from All's Well that Ends Well;   and from Othello; I am one who loved not wisely but too well, and finally although this is questionably attributable to Shakespeare;  I would challenge you to a battle of wits but I see you are unarmed.

Keep up the good work Catalin

Have a great philatelic weekend everyone.


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