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Tuesday, June 20, 2006

when I'm 64.. well not me actually....

a long way off .. maybe if I am lucky.. no pictures of the stamps to be issued in January 2007 of the Beatles but surely there are many stamps from other countries already issued showing "the fab four"

I dont have any but if anyone does and they want to send me a scan I will show them to everyone else. I will also send you a GB FDC as a thank you. email me at

I missed his (Paul's) birthday didn't I.. did anyone see much press about it.. maybe this link will be informative

nothing to do with stamps but lets have something different for a change.... and after all the Beatles were, and still are, something special... hhhmmmmm listening to the the first Kinks album on CD in the car at the moment.. .. great album.. listen to "so mystifying" and close your eyes..

anyone seen the Kinks on stamps.. not me .. dont think that has ever happened ??? but I am always open to be corrected..

Enjoy your stamps.. Michael


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