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Monday, July 31, 2006

tete beche

Hello, how was your weekend? Get any time for stamps? me neither

Tonight I thought I would show you something different. Something you may not have seen before.

I think this is a lovely addition to my collection. I got these some years back and I think they have increased in value quite considerably. Won't pay for pay my retirement just yet though.

Oh, and while I think of it I am not offering these as a prize. But I will send a nice Australia FDC to the 5th entry.... who can tell me what "tete beche" means AND explain how this variety comes about. email me at and PLEASE include your post address.

Should be some interesting research for you and, I hope, adds some learning about philately for you.

Enjoy your stamps.. best wishes.. Michael

Thursday, July 27, 2006

no hope of getting this right !!!!

Hello, Yes I have been rather busy.. and yes, no time to think of stamps.. well maybe I talk about them during the day... given half a chance ...

so what about this cover.. nice?? useful for your collection....

tonight I will really test your general knowledge.. nothing to do with whales, nothing to do with stamps.. I have not had the time to think about stamps, or whales .....but there is something that happened today some few years back.. a person died.. well he was a 100 so he had a good innings as they say.. ...he said once... " I was out in the garden all day yesterday.. I ironed the lawn... smoothed out the grass... put every blade in it's place... and I still missed the putt anyway."

Who was he... and do you have any stamps with him on ...send me a scan if you can.. Will show the stamps if you send me the scans.

First reply with his name gets the cover and I will send it straight away if you include your email address, to

As for other recent competitions and prizes.. I am so far behind with my email I have to apologise to you all..

Many thanks for your emails.. please write as I do enjoy reading your ideas and seeing the stamps you send... or just write to say hello and tell a friend.. we are trying for 20,000 page views this month ok

Best wishes.. Michael

Saturday, July 22, 2006

more buildings on stamps.. but where are the stamps from??

Hello, some more buildings on stamps.. I particularly like these..

I was going to post last night but the internet was up and down like a yo yo. This will be a short peiece as it is Sunday morning here and a truely beautiful day outside and I want to get my sunshine

So where are they from any ideas .. should be quite easy as there are clues I could not remove...

I have a couple of nice Australia FDCs as giveaways.. 4th correct answer wins them if you include your mailing address iwth email to

Enjoy your stamps and have a great day..... Michael

Friday, July 21, 2006

some new stamps from Fiji..........

Hello everyone.. friday night.. a glass of shiraz and some new stamps from Fiji..

if you vote for the GB versus Christmas Island stamps.. most favourite .. I will show the Fiji stamps tomorrow and will be giving them away .....

I have had some email votes as to which issue is peoples favourites..........but sadly on this occassion not enough ..

I really want to have a more representative number of people voting.. too small an entry list at present.. email me at scroll down to see the stamps

Have a great weekend... Michael

Thursday, July 20, 2006

more votes needed......... :-)

Just a quick hello tonight,, yet so much to talk about.. first though.. my question from the past two writings.. which do you prefer.. the GB Royal Mail Modern Builidings stamps or the Christmas Island building stamps

Please send your view to I do want a more representative number of people on this.. it is looking like a very interesting response.. based on response so far.. dont be shy.. send your vote now. Remember there is a prize.. I may even give runner up prizes if I am feeling in a good mood

Will write more tomorrow on the latest issue from New Zealand.. or non issue if you dont have any of the stamps :-)

And finally.. do you sell on stamp auction sites you want to sell for no selling fee.. read tomorrows blog.. I will tell you how

Best wishes and I just have to get some sleep Michael

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Christmas Island - Buildings - 2006 issue

Hello, last night I showed the new GB modern building issue. And tonight here are the Christmas Island Building stamps. A set of four with two setenant..

So what do you think .. which is the better stamp design. ask 20 people and I will probably get 10 for one set and 10 for another. I dont know. So lets have a vote.. please email at and vote for either GB or Christmas Island.

I will chose one vote from the winning group and send that winner the Christmas Island Stamps. Mint or used on letter just let me know which you would prefer if you are the winner.

What does interest me is how different the stamps are in design. But that shouldn't be surprising I guess. Look at all the stamps that are issued and so many different design concepts.

I have been reminded that I think of many of the GB stamps as "wallpaper" well to be honest I do. But a comment has come that I should look at the new stamps from Canada. I have not looked at them yet; will do and comment accordingly in due course.

If you have any of these - not sure what they are yet - then by all means send me some.. I am always interested in seeing the stamps themselves .. and I can offer them as prizes...

Hope you are having a great week.,. and if in England or Europe or New York... you are coping with the heat.. hey those temperatures are spring weather to us

Best wishes ...Michael

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Hello, here are the most recent GB Commemortives. What do you think..

They do not seem that inspirational to me. As I see them they are quite boring.

But maybe that is me. You tell me......... . I mean, just look at the so called buildings.. what are they.. ....could be pieces of modern art for all we know.. and the sky..... clear blue... yes we get that here in Sydney occassionally

ok so more days than one cares to think about.. but in the UK.. give me a break... just because they have a heat wave at 33 degrees there today ... 33 degrees is just warming up isn't it .....

well it just confuses me..... the stamps are just .. what did I call those Washington Smilers issue.. yes .. wallpaper ..

Tomorrow I will show the Christmas Island Building issue .......... you can win a FDC maybe .. not of the GB stamps but the Christmas Isalnd ones

Enjoy your tell a friend about my blog, share in the fun ..

Best Wishes, Michael

Monday, July 17, 2006

Hello, weekend just shot past.. little time to do any more stamps than in may last writing.

Now Monday night and still no time. I have to win that lottery.......... dont we all dream......

I did find this cover at the weekend.. rather nice if you like birds on stamps.. bet there are not many of you that have a copy of this or these stamps.???

Question to win this cover.. The Natal Robin (top right) is most often noted by its repetative bisyllabic purring call... TRUE or FALSE ... email me your answer with your mailing address and tell me where else can you get such learning and fun

I have mailed my Birthday competition winners prizes. I have written as many emails as I can and mailed replies to many other requests for trades, so if you are waiting on stamps from me please be patient.. they are most likely on the way. and I still have a few recent competitions to draw winners for ..... I will get there in the end.. dont let my slowness stop you from writing..

I was going to show the new GB modern building stamps I think.... and wanted to compare to the Chritmas Island building stamps.. no time today to get the Christmas Island ones.. maybe tomorrow..

So hello.. sorry to be rushed.. hope you are able to spend some time enjoying your stamps............. email me at best wishes... Michael

Saturday, July 15, 2006

some serious stamp stuff ...........

Hello, guess what?? it rained today so I had some time for stamps. No email time, just stamps.

I started the day by going to my PO Box and look what I found.

Many many thanks to George for sending these to me. Some of you may recall I asked about anyone having these postage dates ............ I am sure I promised lots in return and I will be sending stamps.

Hope you like the cover and the special postmarks. Quite unique I think.

Having some time to sort and catalogue stamps I also was able to see what gaps I have in my GB collection. Some months ago I did an article on philagap.. no one really took to it.. boo hoo .. but since I am writing and I like the idea, I am doing it again.. with a vengence.. read on..

I want the following ............ Great Briatain SG, 2036, 2037, 2049, 2057, 2082, 2086 and 2095, very fine used....

I wont go into details but if you have these spare you know what they are and if you dont .. then ok.. we all collect different countries.. but surfice it to say Lighthouses, Health Service, Festivals, and Millennenium issues.

I will trade 50 Australia fine used off paper for each stamp. Only condition is I dont want someone sending me 100 of any one stamp and expecting 5,000 stamps in return Anyway, email me at if you want me to trade with you.

And please, if you have not read the blog for a few days.. there are still quizes to be won.

Hope you all have a great weekend.. get some rain and enjoy your stamps
Best wishes..... Michael

Friday, July 14, 2006

Bastille Day.. enjoy ..........

Hi everyone.. I have Bastille stamps to show but thought you might enjoy this little trivia quiz I dreamed up.......... some FDCs for first three correct entries.. email me at and include your postal address...

1. what does Fête nationale mean
a) National Fair
b) fair nation
c) National Day
d)National Holiday
d) I have no idea

2. how many inmates were housed in the Bastille at the time of the storming or 1789
a) 5
b) 7
c) 25
d) 27
e) no one knows and who cares anyway

3) The storming of the Bastille took place on
a) 14 July
b) 20 July
c) 20 June
d) a wet and windy day with low grey clouds hanging over the rat infested city

4. On 20th June 1789 the deputies of the Third Estate took an oath swearing not to seperate until a Constitution has been established, what was the Oath named
a) The Tennis Court Oath
b) The Baseball Park Oath
c) The Cricket Pitch Oath
d) The Bloody Oath

5. Bastille Day is the name of a song by
a) Lennon and McCartney
b) McCartney and Lennon
c) Elton John
d) Rush
e) Pink Floyd
f) Big Daddy
g) None of the above

Hope you enjoy this.. have a great weekend.......
and spend some time with your stamps.. Michael

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Hello everyone. Sorry I didn't post last night.. another long day. shucks,... work is getting in the way of having a life

But to stamps.. so much to write about and just not enough time.. for any of us I suspect.
what about these stamps?

hope you like them.. I think they are rather nice.

What were they issued to commemorate I wonder? OK ...too easy.. Yatching in Australia.. but why.. ??? what is the name of the cup that Australia won in this sport and in what year I suspect that maybe ambiguous but surely you know what I mean.. the really world famous competition....

10th entry wins ok.. email with your postal address to

And, please dont forget to look at previous postings.. there are still some prizes to be won, and especially that GB set of Wilding definitives.. I will draw the winner on Friday.

Finally, there is a stamp auction here in Sydney this Thursday. I had planned to skip out of the office today to view. No such luck. Wish me luck to do same tomorrow. You could well be the benefactors if I win the lot I am looking at... at least on paper.

Enjoy your stamps... best wishes... Michael

Sunday, July 09, 2006

Hi, hope you like this cover.. it could be yours.. if you know why I am showing it today.. in 1982 - on this day.. 9th July - something rather unexpected happened to the Queen..... any ideas..
first correct answer will win this cover if you include your mailing address with your answer.. email me at enjoy the research..

as for stamps.. please read my previous writings as some of the competitions stay open a few days..

I have had a good reply to yesterdays question already ..... but I will put all entries into a box and get one of my children to make the draw.. ... hope you enjoy reading the articles.

Question.. so do you sell stamps on the internet .....

I have asked this before and don't want to be too repetative and boring but if you do please look at the IPDA web site..

I would really like an email if you do sell on the internet as I would like to make contact with you.. or do you know someone that sells stamps .. please tell them about my blog and the IPDA.. we all get value from knowing.

Hope your weekend was good. Mine was.. I did more stamp sorting.. I went outside and sunbathed.. well that is, as in did gardening with shirt off...

I know it is winter here but one just takes the sun when one can... and today was a lovely sunny day.

enjoy your stamps ... best wishes..... Michael

Saturday, July 08, 2006

GB stamps high Cat Value . as a prize tonight

Hello, well how good is a weekend when you have some time to yourself. Yes time to look at, clean and catalogue some stamps.

First though, this morning I picked up my mail and found some stamps from gbmachins. A donation to my Childrens Corner. Many Thanks, and for those of you who collect GB do have a look at his site. I have given the url before.. tonight I will take you straight to his directory. If you have not looked at this you must. What he doesn't know about machins is probably not worth knowing have a look at

Which reminds me,. Do you sell stamps .. even part time or occassionally on eBay or some other auction site . I know I have asked this before but I think there are new readers all the time so forgive me for asking again.

If you do, please tell me what philatelic organisations you belong to. I would like to hear from you. email me at and tell me what groups and why.

And.... have you heard about or thought of joining the Internet Philatelic Dealers Association - IPDA..... I am a Director, as some of you will know, and the guy at gbmachins is as well.

We promote high standards when selling on the internet and we feel that membership in the IPDA is an endorsement that is of value to you if you are selling on the internet. Have a look at you might be surprised.

And if you like to talk stamps keep checking the web site because we are having a marathon 24 hour chat soon.. people from around the world join in over the 24 hours and you get to talk to the IPDA Directors.. including me.. .. hey you might enjoy it .. no!!.... you will enjoy it, I promise

Ok some stamps.. what is the set I show above?
easy if you know your GB stamps............ but to win you have to tell me
1. what stamp is missing
2. what was the issue date of the stamp that is missing
3. what was the colour of the stamp as defined by Stanley Gibbons and
4. what is the SG watermark reference

I will only accept correct entries for all four parts. Cat Value is £40 for the set. These are not very fine used, more like average used but still a nice addition to your collection I hope. No short perfs that I saw and no faults or thinning.

I will draw a winner next Friday... so if you only check the blog everynow and again don't think you have missed out.. enter.. you could win.. but please, on your entry, please add your mailing address... email the entry to cddstamps@gmailcom

Have a great weekend.. enjoy your stamps.. best wishes.. Michael

Friday, July 07, 2006

eyes wide open.............

to be honest I have my eyes half open as I write but I wanted to say hello and I hope you had a good week..... maybe some time for stamps........ ??

Got home and was thinking what could I show tonight? How about something from PNG.

Will offer this presentation card, with the stamps of course , if you can tell me the name of the beach on the 60c stamp.

hey, thanks for reading the blog. I do hope to find some time over the weekend to get some more serious stamp talk going

Best wishes and good night..Michael

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

USA Independence Day Mini Sheet

I feel I am getting quite boring as I have so little time for stamps and research of topics for stamps articles.

I only worked an 11 hour day today.. yes I know I am slacking off

However, I am lucky to have some wonderful stamp friends and I received many scans of US Declaration of Independence day stamps. I hope you like this one. I did.

Wish I had more to chat about.. well could tell you I am going to a dinner tomorrow night where stamps will not be mentioned and to make it even worse there will be no booze.. Dont ask me why.. I just do these things in support of charity .. yes seriously

Ok, by the weekend I promise to be back to stamps ........ if the systems I am responsible for are working.. if you dont hear from me for a few days.. just send me stamps to remind me of what life could be .. enjoy your stamps. wish I could .. Michael

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

July 4th ......

hello to everyone and if you are in the US I hope you are having a wonderful party.

Sadly I am not there .. to enjoy the festivities.. but no one invited me oh well .. next year maybe.

What about Canada Day.. did I forget that.. or was my subconscious speaking to me when on 1st July I showed Canada Stamps. Yes that is it.

I don't have much in the way of US stamps other than recent issues from trades ( many thanks to you all) but I do like this stamp so am showing it as a mark of respect for July 4th.

Not much news in the stamp world here I am afraid, due rather long days at office. But couldn't miss July 4th, thus this quick hello to you all.

If anyone has any interesting stamps commemorating July 4th in the US, please send me a scan and I will show others.Best wishes.. enjoy your stamps .............. Michael

Saturday, July 01, 2006

Canada on stamps and other stamp topics

Hello everyone, Hope this finds you well. I have had a pretty good stamp day. How about you

First, I managed to pack and mail out stamps to quite a few winners of my quizzes, Second, I went to the PO Box and found lots of mail from you and Third, I managed to sort some stamps.

In the mail I was really pleased to find stamps that many of you have donated to my Childrens Corner. Some excellent world selections and a lovely selection from Russia. Many thanks to you. When these get sent I am sure there will be some very happy children around the world.

I also received some Canada Souvenir cards - which I will be using as tonights prize. 5 prizes actually, as I was sent 5 of these - all different but similar. Many many thanks to you know who you are that sent them. I really appreciate your kindness.

Ok, so this is the souvenir card - the stamps are mint but gummed onto the card - the other 4 cards are similar for 1965, 1966. I guess that is what they did in Canada 30 years ago!!!!! eh!!!

How to win one of the 5 cards - There are 12 Provinces and Territories in Canada - well there were in 1967 eh!!! send me an email to with the names of the 12. easy eh!!!..

Any Canadian who enters and gets it wrong will be publicly named ha ha ha ha...

Oh and PLEASE put your address in your email.. I know I ask this but some of you dont do it.

Entries get printed and selected from a box by one of the children usually and if the address is not there I have to either write to you or search through my files if I have had an email from you in the past. Please make my life easy .. Thanks..

What else about stamps. Well I read a short peice in a Sydney newspaper the other day that had me thinking. It was about the tennis player Maria Sharapova - considered one of the world's most glamourous sportswomen, so the paper said. Now I wouldn't know her if she walked by me and since she is only 19 I guess that says that I need to get a life !!!

Anyway, the article was about how she has made it known she collects stamps and fears being labelled an "absolute geek" for revealing her secret hobby. She has been reported as saying her email box is full of correspondence from fellow philatestists (she should be so lucky I say , although I cannot complain) .

She said "everyone's calling me a dork now". ..............I can understand people calling her a "dork" .. but calling her a "dork now" is something I dont understand ...maybe something got lost in the translation. ha ha ha ha ...............

There was more but it was equally innane and boring. So my question to you.. do people call you a dork, or a dork now , and do you feel like a geek for collecting stamps , for being a philatilist
I dont think you do and I know I dont. I am proud of being a stamp collector and of this wonderful hobby: the fun it gives me, the education I receive from it and the relaxation and peace of mind it brings to my life. How do you feel. Write to me.

I just wish this young lady's agent had the maturity to help her better express herself. After all, she said it was fun to collect stamps and so it is. Lets enjoy the hobby and help others see it in a more intelligent light.

Please tell your friends about stamp collecting and how good it is for you. Tell them about my blog and the links I have to other really good stamp blogs and the interest and enjoyment they will receive from even just reading our material.

Have a great weekend.. Look forward to hearing from you.. Enjoy your stamps...
Best wishes.............. Michael

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