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Saturday, July 15, 2006

some serious stamp stuff ...........

Hello, guess what?? it rained today so I had some time for stamps. No email time, just stamps.

I started the day by going to my PO Box and look what I found.

Many many thanks to George for sending these to me. Some of you may recall I asked about anyone having these postage dates ............ I am sure I promised lots in return and I will be sending stamps.

Hope you like the cover and the special postmarks. Quite unique I think.

Having some time to sort and catalogue stamps I also was able to see what gaps I have in my GB collection. Some months ago I did an article on philagap.. no one really took to it.. boo hoo .. but since I am writing and I like the idea, I am doing it again.. with a vengence.. read on..

I want the following ............ Great Briatain SG, 2036, 2037, 2049, 2057, 2082, 2086 and 2095, very fine used....

I wont go into details but if you have these spare you know what they are and if you dont .. then ok.. we all collect different countries.. but surfice it to say Lighthouses, Health Service, Festivals, and Millennenium issues.

I will trade 50 Australia fine used off paper for each stamp. Only condition is I dont want someone sending me 100 of any one stamp and expecting 5,000 stamps in return Anyway, email me at if you want me to trade with you.

And please, if you have not read the blog for a few days.. there are still quizes to be won.

Hope you all have a great weekend.. get some rain and enjoy your stamps
Best wishes..... Michael


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