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Thursday, April 30, 2009

the fun has gone........

I soaked some stamps today.. how much pleasure do I get from doing that? Lots if I am honest. Relaxing and enjoyable. Peaceful and with a result that pleases me. What more could I ask for :-) but there were all these stamps I cannot soak anymore. Yes I have read about various ways of removing the non water soluable gums and yes have tried them with some success. But it is not the same is it :-)

See the stamps in the scan that have been "removed" from the envelope? not quite right.

Oh well ...... is that progress. I found about 10% of the stamps from GB that I soaked - and which could still be soaked off the envelope - with no franking. Post Offices should have fixed that problem me thinks, although I read non soluble gums are cheaper. Your view? email me at best answer will win 100 Machins ...all with postal frankings of course.

Enjoy your stamps......... Michael

Monday, April 27, 2009

something to remind you.....

Offered for sale at one fifth Scott, on one of the popular auction sites. What a deal. You can do better. I will offer for free – If I have any such damaged stamps in my stock. I throw these away. Actually I have a few hundred of each in fine condition and would gladly sell for one fifth of Scott. Could probably do the basic set for one fifth of Scott. What sort of stamp seller is this person? Derrgghh :-) oh.. and you can bid for these with confidence. Confidence of what I wonder.

Enjoy your stamps… and please be sensible. Don’t make these rogues rich.


Sunday, April 26, 2009

Korea IYA 2009

I could not miss out Korea could I. After having spent a wonderful 11 months there last year. And lovely stamps yet again for IYA 2009.

Hope you enjoy seeing these. I am noticing a few blogs writing about IYA.. have you? Please send me links if you have found some. I assure you my idea for this topic was purely mine and mine alone.. but good to see others have same interest.

Enjoy your stamps.... Michael

Saturday, April 25, 2009

chat time.... and Jersey IYA 2009

Hello, just thought you might like to know the IPDA (Internet Philatelic Dealers Association)is having a marathon chat..... starting in a few hours...... going on for 24 hours... if you want to miss me don't join between 11pm and 1pm Sydney time :-)

how do you join.. just click this link IPDA Chat

Easy as... just sign in.. accept some message about Run something..... it is quite safe..... and you should find one of the IPDA directors and probably many others chatting about stamps and philatelic matters, or even life in general. Who knows :-)

But to todays stamps.

Again on my IYA theme. These are excellent in my humble view. I see these and then think of the Isle of man stamps. Maybe I was too hard on the Isle of Man, after all, they did issue for some Apollo jaunt rather than IYA. Whatever, these are another excellent design.

Want to chat with me, agree, disagree?? get my address so you can send me a IYA miniture sheet from your country in exchange for something you need maybe :-) maybe see you online later tonight...

Enjoy your stamps... Best wishes .. Michael

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Here is Hungary

Many thanks to Mike from the Astronomy study unit, Editor ASTROFAX and Co-Chair, IYA2009 Special Task Group for Philately for finding the Hungary IYA issue on the Hungary Post website in their Newsletter. Best picture I could take of them but they are worth seeing I think you will agree?

Enjoy... Michael

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Canada IYA 2009 M/S

Thought I'd show you this tonight. I received it in the mail today from Glenn in Canada. How kind .. That you so very much. I wrote about the stamps a few weeks ago.. so here is the miniature sheet. So nice to see, and even better to have in my collection :-)


Saturday, April 18, 2009

A break from Astronomy

British Design Classics: Yes some rather interesting stamps in this series. I say series because it seems Royal Mail couldn't help themselves; so many lovely stamps in so many forms. This in Booklet. All technical details and whether they are going to be catalogued as different issues has long since bored me to tears. I just cannot keep up.

Poor collector. Well me at least, I cannot collect all there is to collect. I am not poor by any means - well since I stopped buying new issues :-)

Yes I am whinging, but I always wanted to collect GB stamps. Will keep to GB GV and GVI. At least I know what there is to collect.

Have a great weekend.. Michael

Friday, April 17, 2009

Isle of Man and Iceland - IYA 2009

Tonight’s stamps are from the Isle of Man and Iceland.

Yes I know I said H, but for the country I expected to show, Hungry, there is nothing on the Post Office website. Well not that I could make out. They don’t have an English version. What I have found out though is how good the websites are for so many Postal Administrations. Iceland is another that has a good site, well in my view.
The stamps though. I am only showing 1 of 6 issued by the Isle of Man. Actually their stamps commemorate 40th anniversary of the Apollo landings and they have dedicated two stamps to the IYA 2009 Europa issue. I only show one because quite frankly I thought I was looking at some Walt Disney stamps from some third world country. Sorry Isle of Man. Unimaginative design.

Now Iceland is something different again. Not my favourite of the IYA stamps I have seen so far but at least imaginative. Also, on the Iceland Post Office website there is a clear text that explains the reason for the two stamps. Here is a piece. ”The United Nations 62nd General Assembly proclaimed 2009 the International Year of Astronomy, celebrating the first astronomical use of the telescope by Galileo Galileo – a momentous event which initiated 400 years of astronomical discoveries. In that same year of 1609 Johannes Kepler introduced his first two laws of planetary motion. The work of Galileo and Keplers triggered a scientific revolution which profoundly changed humanity’s conception of the universe. So much we learn from our interest in stamps :-)
Enjoy your stamps……….. Michael

Thursday, April 16, 2009

G is for Greenland

Hello, Well it was not difficult to find a country starting with G for this next piece on International Year of Astronomy stamps.

On the front cover of the Stamp News Australia Magazine for April is a picture of these two stamps issued by Greenland. Again, in my view, wonderful. I checked the Greenland Post Office site. I found the online magazine, Greenland Collector. Very interesting and nicely presented I thought. Post Greenland are issuing two stamps, two miniature sheets and one stamp booklet for the Europa IYA 2009 event.

The stamp booklet would be something interesting to add to ones collection I think as it contains 6 of each of the two stamps in what looks like miniature sheets of their own. Have a look at Greenland and Download the Magazine if you are interested in reading more. I think you will enjoy it.

First person to send me a booklet wins 250 Machin definitives fine used. :-)
Tomorrow, something beginning with H …………..Enjoy your stamps ………………... Michael

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

ability to write comment to this blog

I just found out that unless you had a gmail account you couldn't write a comment to me. Well you can now.. as I found the setting that allowed me to allow anyone to write a comment. I may be slow but I get there in the end :-)

Tomorrow, some stamps from a country G for IYA 2009


Monday, April 13, 2009

E... ok .. F... Finland ...IYA 2009

I wanted to show you the Estonia IYA 2009 stamps but I just cannot find them anywhere. So lets jump to F... France.. well sorry, no published picture yet. So Finland, I did find the 2 stamps they are issuing. And very nice they are too. These will be released on 6 May. The set of two stamps presents the night sky with various celestial bodies above a horizon of a Finnish lake landscape. Are those Canada geese I see on the left hand stamp...or UFOs... hard to tell... :-)

Also it seems I am not the only one writing about IYA 2009 issues. Some other good sites out there.............. as well as mine that is :-)

And, I was thinking, how could I collect all these issues. Would be a lovely collection. Anyone any ideas? Like can I swap something with you if you send me a set of the the IYA stamps from your country? Or other ideas.. please email me at

Enjoy your stamps.................... Michael

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Easter Eggs

Hello,, how many did you get.. how many have you eaten.. :-) enjoy.... but just remember to not get that chocolate from your fingers to your stamps :-)

Here are two very different stamps with Easter eggs on, one very frivolous, the other very classic . No guessing which I prefer.

You may find this interesting - The Liechtenstein stamps, issued in 2001, show three of the finest eggs from the renowned A.P. Goop's collection.

A silver Easter egg from the period 1896 - 1903 for the 1.20 CHF value
An Easter egg in cloisonné enamel (1896 - 1908) for the 1.80 CHF
A porcelain Easter egg (around 1890) for the 2 CHF.
The stamps were printed by the Austrian Printing office in Vienna (Austria).

The value of CHF 2.00 was awarded the second rang at the Grand Prix WIPA 2001 in Vienna that rewards the nicest stamps worldwide.

Have a great weekend.. Michael

Saturday, April 11, 2009

a digression from Easter

I should be showing Easter eggs on stamps.. will do tomorrow I promise.

I have to show you this. I really do. It is for sale for US $2 on a website I found. Described as "Used Condition" although the seller does note the right corner is damaged. Oh, and it is not the only piece of junk I found on the site. Obviously the web site seller is not a member of the IPDA - Internet Philatelic Dealers Association Inc.

How bad that someone should even think of selling this. It should be put in the garbage. More importantly, I hope you all know rubbish when you see it. I am so angry that people can use the internet to sell stamps when they are obviously just trying to take advantage of people. Don't buy just because you want a stamp for your collection. And please make sure your friends don't get suckered into these type of buy situations.

Ruined my day to know there are people out there trying to sell stuff like this. Who are these unscrupulous morons.

If ever in doubt about a stamp please email at I am a Director of the IPDA and if I do not know, one of the Board will.

Easter eggs tomorrow I promise. Perhaps I need some chocolate :-) enjoy your stamps


Friday, April 10, 2009

Chocolate on stamps

Hello. It is a public holiday here in Australia – Good Friday - and yes I have been good, ha ha ha ha

As for stamps, well as I said last night, chocolate on stamps. And here is one. This was issued by Switzerland in May 2001 to commemorate the 100th birthday of the Association of Swiss Chocolate manufactures. It was issued in a miniature sheet of 15 stamps, and if you rubbed the stamp the smell of chocolate was yours to enjoy. Cute eh!!!

Tomorrow, how about Easter eggs on stamps. First person to send me a scan of a stamp which shows Easter eggs will win something… maybe a GB FDC.. Have not given one of those away for ages. email is

Have a wonderful Easter weekend, or just a great weekend if Easter is not your thing.

And of course .. enjoy your stamps…………….. Michael

Thursday, April 09, 2009

Denmark and IYA 2009

It has been interesting for me to read so many blogs and web sites as I researched this IYA 2009 theme. There are so many good sites out there. Not going to tell you about them.. hee hee, you may not read me .. no seriously, isn't it wonderful what the web has done for stamp collecting. So much information at our finger tips now. As some of you know, when I first started a web site and a blog there were less than a handful of writers and sites. So how rewarding to see the depth and knowledge that is now available to us all.

Tonights stamps. Pretty boring design in my humble view, especially after seeing the first few I have shown on the IYA theme. Your thoughts? Do write to me at

Enjoy your stamps.. tomorrow and for the next few days.. chocolate on stamps.. after all it is Easter :-)


Tuesday, April 07, 2009

IYA 2009 stamp issues again

This IYA topic has really got me interested in stamps again, and in astronomy. How interesting and there is so much to read. Tonight’s stamps. Well I found these I liked from Croatia and these from Canada. I had hoped to find the issue from Cyprus but I have not been able to track it down. The Croatia issue is quite stunning I think and certainly one for those of you who also collect shaped stamps. I could not find any details about the stamps. Please let me know if you have any details you can send to me to share with other readers.
The Canadian stamps are also quite amazing. When you read the details about them I think they become even more interesting. In simple terms each stamp pairs an important Canadian observatory with a nebula.
One stamp features the National Research Council’s Dominion Astrophysical Observatory (DAO) in Saanich, BC. Completed in 1918, the DAO was the first Canadian observatory of international calibre and, for a brief period, it was the largest operating telescope in the world. It is pictured before the Horsehead Nebula, a cloud of cold gas and dust silhouetted against bright, swirling gases in the constellation of Orion.
The other stamp features the Canada-France-Hawaii Telescope (CFHT). This world-class 3.6 metre telescope is located atop the summit of Mauna Kea, a dormant volcano rising 4,200 metres above the Pacific Ocean. Opened in 1979, the highly-successful CFHT is Canada’s first partnership in an international observatory, in this case between the University of Hawaii, France’s Centre national de la recherche scientifique, and the National Research Council of Canada. The observatory is featured before the Eagle Nebula, a massive tower of cold gas and dust in the constallation of Serpens. Both nebulae were photographed by Jean-Charles Cuillandre with the CFHT.
Acknowledgement to Canada Post for the details on the Canada IYA 2009 issue.
More tomorrow I hope. Enjoy your stamps …. Michael

Monday, April 06, 2009

IYA continued......... B is for Belgium

Tonight I thought you might enjoy this beautiful stamp from Belgium, issued to commemorate the International Year of Astronomy.

Since I first wrote on this topic I have had some email dialogue with the Co-Chair of IYA 2009 Special Task Group on Philately. A very interesting email chat as well. And, since I asked, did you know about Bailey's Beads a few evening ago I thought I should explain it, as it was explained to me by Mike Howell from the IYA Philately group ... Bailey’s Beads, are named for the English astronomer who discovered them. The phenomenon is created when, during a total solar eclipse, the last vestiges of the solar disk is broken into a string of bright “beads” due to the topography at the limb of the moon. As the moon passes across the solar disk, in the moments just before (and just after) totality the solar disk remains visible through the valleys of the moon while the mountains block it. This is the image I believe was depicted on the third stamp from the left in the Alderney issue I show previously.

Anyway, back to tonights stamp. Now look carefully. How many events and topics can you find.

This really is a wonderful stamp, in my humble view, and I would really like to get a copy of the M/S. Anyone out there help me ??? I am sure I could reciprocate with something of use to you.

Tomorrow.. continuing with the IYA theme, something beginning with C.. I hope :-) maybe I will get a suggestion from you ................enjoy your stamps ... Michael

And with thanks to Mike Howell from the astronomy study unit , ASTROFAX Co-Chair, IYA 2009 Special Task Group - Philately, Antonio, Texas see also

Saturday, April 04, 2009

IYA 2009

IYA is the International Year of Astronomy, and during 2009 there will be a year-long, worldwide, and often public celebration of astronomy, held to mark the 400th anniversary of Galileo turning a telescope to the sky.

I thought it would be interesting to show some stamps that have an astronomy theme. Maybe you have some that you can scan and email to me and I will show them.

One idea I have is to show a stamp from a different country every day for the next few weeks or so. And tonight I thought I'd start with this M/S from Alderney. Hope you like these. I had forgotten I had them until I looked through my albums. Issued in 1999 to commemorate the fact Alderney was one of the places in the world to see a total eclipse of the sun. No prizes, well maybe.. I'll see what I can find....... but does anyone know what Baily's Beads are.?? Enjoy your stamps; there is more to stamps than just the stamps themselves ...Michael

Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Royal Mail new issue news.................

“Royal Mail special stamps are always a commemoration of greatness in one form or another…”

These are the opening words from the Royal Mail “The Collection” publicity brochure I recently received. A really nice publication and one worth keeping. I applaud Royal Mail for the style and structure of the publication. It made interesting reading. And the quality of the paper and images is excellent.

This catalogue, as they also call it, shows all the 2008 issues. It has 48 pages so is not a slime tome by any means, as, after all, there were rather a lot of issues in 2008.

The 2009 issue should be even bigger based on the number of issues announced so far. I counted 32 but then I could be considered pedantic I suppose.

On 2009 issues I am pleased to see once again recognition of the need for collectors to not get bored with new issues. A few new issues every month is what we need to keep us interested. I am sure you will agree.

Sadly June and July will be drought months as there is only one issue planned for each month. What will I do with that extra cash I will be thinking. Will I turn to drink? I thought my addiction with GB stamps was bad enough. Maybe I will realise drink is cheaper, and I will sleep better anyway with drink.
But I hear Royal Mail have acknowledged the short supply in both months and are going to correct it with two additional issues. Recognising the sterling job that Royal Mail do in promoting and recognizing the history of Great Britain Royal Mail and things postal there will, I understand, be an issue in June to commemorate Free Standing Post Boxes and in July there will an additional issue of 12 stamps on the theme of Mythical Creatures. I even heard there will be a Pole Mounted Post Office box issue later in the year. This is exciting news, you have to agree, really you do :-)

I think this is wonderful and am really quite excited about these issues. I have long been a believer that not enough recognition goes to the Post Office Box, be it free standing or wall mounted – and by chance I happen to have a few photos from my own archives including one of my favourite wall mounted boxes; a GVI of course - and as for Mythical Creatures; Well, there can never be too many of these printed can there. Don’t we all enjoy regaling stories to the children / grandchildren of such creatures as we show off our stamp collections when they visit. I know I do. Surely I am not alone.

What a wonderful year we have ahead of us – of course if you don’t collect GB then my thoughts go out to you. How boring your life must be. And perhaps how sad your bank manager must be; you will have little debt.

Enjoy your stamps…………………. Michael :-) :-) :-) April 1st 2009

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