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Sunday, April 12, 2009

Easter Eggs

Hello,, how many did you get.. how many have you eaten.. :-) enjoy.... but just remember to not get that chocolate from your fingers to your stamps :-)

Here are two very different stamps with Easter eggs on, one very frivolous, the other very classic . No guessing which I prefer.

You may find this interesting - The Liechtenstein stamps, issued in 2001, show three of the finest eggs from the renowned A.P. Goop's collection.

A silver Easter egg from the period 1896 - 1903 for the 1.20 CHF value
An Easter egg in cloisonné enamel (1896 - 1908) for the 1.80 CHF
A porcelain Easter egg (around 1890) for the 2 CHF.
The stamps were printed by the Austrian Printing office in Vienna (Austria).

The value of CHF 2.00 was awarded the second rang at the Grand Prix WIPA 2001 in Vienna that rewards the nicest stamps worldwide.

Have a great weekend.. Michael


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