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Friday, August 31, 2007

did you know..........

that the United States called for an international postal congress, which was held in 1863.

This led Heinrich von Stephan, the German Minister for Posts, to found the Universal Postal Union, the second oldest international organization . It was created in 1874, under the name "General Postal Union", as a result of the Treaty of Berne signed on October 9th 1874. In 1878, the name was changed to "Universal Postal Union".

The UPU established that (1) there should be a more or less uniform flat rate to mail a letter anywhere in the world; (2) postal authorities should give equal treatment to foreign and domestic mail; and (3) each country should retain all monies it collected for international postage.

One of the most important results of the UPU treaty was that it ceased to be necessary, as it often had been previously, to affix the stamps of any country through which one's letter or package would pass in transit; the UPU provides that stamps of member nations are accepted for the whole international route.

Well I didn't until I read this at Wikipedia

Do you know how many member countries there are in the UPU? email me at for the cover.. a nice one me thinks.. and please include your mailing address.

Finally.. did you look to see if you had a few $$$$ to spare to sponsor my A380 first flight.. No I hear you say.. well look again ... please see yesterdays piece for more details... There is still time to sponsor me... and no doubt get your name in lights at the same time

Have a great weekend.. and enjoy your stamps... Michael

Thursday, August 30, 2007

a Challenge.. or two....

Hello,.. sorry been off line.. too much happening.. and no time for stamps.. That is not news I guess!!

I was looking at eBay a few minutes ago.. I am following the auction for the A380 seats from Singapore to Sydney.. but I have to say the price is getting out of my price range.. shucks.. I really wanted to fly on that first flight and carry some covers.. hey.. any benefactors out that want to sponsor me.. I need about $5000... easy I think.. 5 benfactors at $1000 and I'll pay the rest myself.. anyone spare cash out there.. just one of you would do.. I will get you listed on my FDC... My idea is to make some covers and carry them on the first flight.. even hope to get some signed by the crew.... will be a dream ticket me thinks... Of course if you sponsor me you will get a free cover..carried on the first commercial flight of the A380... write me if you are interested.. and I am interested.. I will pay my own way to Singapore for the flight, including any hotel costs...

oh well I can dream but if I don't ask I will never know if I could get

Ok, to some stamps... I saw these on eBay.. and a very open and honest seller description I might add.. but tell me what do you think.. is the franking honest.. that is .. is the bottom line of the frank wavy lines that touch the £1 stamp genuine.. someone out there will know.. I could check some GB frankings but thought I'd ask you all first..

I look forward to hearing from you.. enjoy your stamps.. and if you want to make a donation to my SQ 380 flight.. please email me.. if I go.. great.. If I don't you get your money back... honest.. well where can I go.. you all know me

Saturday, August 25, 2007

I stayed in sydney this weekend

and decided it was about time I did some housework.. like laundry and changing lightbulbs and tidying up paperwork....... as with overdue bills and unopened letters,... oh dear .. found some from stamp friends.. maybe you.. .. to say I am disorganised would be putting it mildly... to say sorry for not writing back is the leats I can do.. but sorry all

the same and thanks for some lovely stamps.... I will be reciprocating tomorrow for sure......
My piece last night did get some responses.. and one ( thanks Charlie) included these stamps.. interesting.. see, when I write there is always someone out there that knows more than me.. I do enjoy getting your emails as I learn so much from them.
I hope you like these...

One of the unopened letters contained some stamps I bought on eBay months ago.. I had I think just written them off.. or maybe even forgotten I had bid... at times I wonder how I even manage to get through a day another letter contained this lovely MS..

Hope you like it.. a lovely addition to my collection.. if you are still reading .. Thanks..
On another theme.. yes a few tonight.. I was reading about the new GB Royal Mail issues planned for 2008... 15 issues counted so far... is that too many????.. I do think so.. pity, as I think collectors of new GB will be like the dodo in years to come.... I'll be honest and say I stopped.. it was just becoming too expensive... what about your country.. do you still collect new issues...??? drop me an email.. lets see what is happening around the world... I am interested to know...
oh yes... and I sorted some stamps today.. I have these boxes and albums of covers.. ye gods how did I accumulate so much.. I have 10 assorted covers to give away to the first ten emails received by Sunday night my time.. ( the other few hundred I will be selling from my web give away prices..... I will update the web site in next 24 hours) .. lucky dip so to speak.. I even pay the postage.. just email me with your mailing address..
Best wishes... enjoy your stamps... Michael

Friday, August 24, 2007

I am reading...............

Hello.. I am reading a really interesting book... "Elizabeth's Spy Master" .. as in Elizabeth I of England. If you didn't know, I am interested in English history from Henry VIII to James I.. anyway..
I read about the St Bartholomew's day massacre.. aweful.... and to think that was happening 435 years ago.. I won't get political or religious as I am not into that, but am writing this because the massacre started on this day 24th August 1572. If you are interested, the best summary is at

I have not really found any stamps that recognise this rather significant event in history and was wondering if anyone knew of any???

I found these Italian stamps, which commemorated St Bartholomew, but I don't think they are relevant to the 1572 happening.
Ironic though....since the Vatican through the then ( 1572) Pope, Gregory XIII celebrated a Te Deum at the time of the massacre.

Tomorrow I have a day at home and will be catching up on your emails and mailing out prizes.. to my recent quizzes.... and even those from months ago.... I hope........... be patient with me

Have a great weekend... enjoy your stamps, and all the history that goes with them ... Michael

Thursday, August 23, 2007

star wars... stamps.. or stickers

Hello, it is late at night, yet I wanted to show another set of stamps I picked up while in the US. (gift to me ok .. .. no I did not buy them... )

I realise now - having seen so many of the US issues - that I really have little to complain about when I see the Great Britain and Australia new issues.
The US really can produce some sticker rubbish .. seriously folks .. this is real childrens album sticker stuff.. isn't it. My children ..... many years ago used to collect stickers.... oh how they missed out.. but lets look on the positive side..maybe these "stamps" are getting children into stamp collecting. One can only hope there is a bright side.

Ok here are the stamps... awful.. right.. ????
you disagree???..... ok, write to me and tell me why.. a GB FDC of real stamps to all who can take me on me at and please include your maling address.

back to some serious stamp thoughts tomorrow......... enjoy your stamps....Michael

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Judy Garland..........

Now did that subject heading get you interested or what........... what a remarkable lady.. what a talented singer.. and what do I know other than I saw a few films and the "Boy from Oz"

But as for stamps, she was recognised on a US issue - which was another MS I got while I was in the US - Here is the right hand side of the sheet.. of 20 stamps..... a lovely sheet in my view.
I will treasure this one... I thought it was interesting to read how many years ago that she won an Academy Award "for her outstanding performance as a screen juvenile" for her performances in the 1939 films Babes in Arms and The Wizard of Oz.

"Over the Rainbow" is one of the many classic songs she sang. This "Judy Garland" stamp image is based on a publicity photo from A Star is Born, and the side of the stamp sheet depicts her as Dorothy in The Wizard of Oz.

OK.. so.... in what year did she get the Academy Award ?

I expect at least 100 replies from my US readers alone.... dream on you say !!! ... but someone .. lets say the 4th correct entry, will win a FDC of my choice.. usual rules.. email me at and you must include your mailing address
sorry but I am not giving away this MS.. bad sport that I am, anyway, I look forward to hearing from you....

enjoy your stamps.. how can you not, I often wonder.... Michael

Monday, August 20, 2007

Super Heroes.... on stamps of course

Hello, well here is something I was given while in the US.. one of my family knows I collect stamps ( only one I might add :-) ha ha ha ha) and occassionally they buy me a US new issue.

I have written about the quality of some of the GB Royal Mail issues, and some of the Australia Post issues and commented how they are nothing more than stickers for children to collect.. well how about these.. what do you think... stamps, stickers or what..???

Times they are a changing I guess.... or am I just a traditionalist at heart Want to read more about this issue, than have a look at
Enjoy.. . I have even more to show tomorrow ............... Michael

Sunday, August 19, 2007

Back fom the USA

Hello everyone.. well it is good to be back to a computer and able to write. I have had quite a few topics to write about, one based on this cover I found while travelling through Yellowstone. What a wonderful place., but as you may know.. no internet access.. actually that was rather nice I have to say...........

Something about the stamp on this cover though that just is not right!!!!!!! clue.. if you have visited the geyser and seen it blow you will know what I mean... difficult to see from the size of this scan but if you look closely you will see I think...

Any ideas???? drop me an email at and I will find a nice cover ( not this one .. sorry) for a prize.. first email will win..

I will be showing more US stamps over the coming days .. as I get myself organised.. I arrived back from JFK yesterday and am still trying to catch up with email.

Best wishes.... have you been enjoying your stamps????????... Michael

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