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Sunday, August 19, 2007

Back fom the USA

Hello everyone.. well it is good to be back to a computer and able to write. I have had quite a few topics to write about, one based on this cover I found while travelling through Yellowstone. What a wonderful place., but as you may know.. no internet access.. actually that was rather nice I have to say...........

Something about the stamp on this cover though that just is not right!!!!!!! clue.. if you have visited the geyser and seen it blow you will know what I mean... difficult to see from the size of this scan but if you look closely you will see I think...

Any ideas???? drop me an email at and I will find a nice cover ( not this one .. sorry) for a prize.. first email will win..

I will be showing more US stamps over the coming days .. as I get myself organised.. I arrived back from JFK yesterday and am still trying to catch up with email.

Best wishes.... have you been enjoying your stamps????????... Michael


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