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Friday, July 20, 2007

Royal Mail Stamp Issuing Policy Petition

I saw this and thought it worth repeating here.. Do you think the British Royal Mail is issuing too many stamps? As you know .. I do and have writtebn on this subject on many occassions. Well now there is an opportunity to sign a petition to the Royal Mail on this.

If you agree with me.. and so far 240 others have already signed.... PLEASE sign the online petition as below.... You'll find a link to the petition on the homepage of the Buckingham Covers web site. or can go directly from the link below.

Tony and colleagues are campaigning to stop Royal Mail issuing so many stamps eachyear. Why? You might think that, from a cover producer's point of view, they must love all these extra stamp issues. Doesn't it make more money for them? The answer is "no"!Long term, Tony believes, and I fully agree with him, too many stamps is killing the hobby.

Many cover collectors have given up all together because they just can't afford (or find storage space!) for all the extra covers each year.

Did you realise there were 3 stamp issues in July alone! And once you add Smilers sheets, miniature sheets and prestige booklets into the picture, it really is becoming unsustainable.

Please help us and the rest of the collecting community by signing the petition! Just follow the link from the front page of or copy & paste in your browser this link to go directly to the petition page: They need 1000s of signatures to make this work! So please pass this on to your friends

And by the way.. don't forget to read my previous writings this week and complete my online survey.. Have a great weekend... Michael


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