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Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Large, Medium and Small format....

Hello, tonight something more on GB GV.. this time the Photogravure issues of 1934 - 36.
In 1934 Harrisons and Sons was awarded the contract for printing the low vaue and commemorative stamps. They used the photogravure printing process which gave them high speed ( by those days) production and at a lower cost, again by the then standards.

Photogravure basically means a photograhic image is produced from an engraving plate, or to put it another way, where the image is etched using a photographic process onto a cyclinder....... as one tries to explain this another factor comes into play so I suggest you read for more detail.

Anyway. these stamps were issued .. an interesting issue to me vecause of the varieties and particularly in teh sizes of the image, large,mediun and small .. hopefully you can see the difference in the three stamps below

Look carefully at the white margin around each of the stamps.. the margin is ( left to right) wide.... not so wide and... small... so the stamps are left to right. small... medium and large format in terms of the image printed. So how clear is that ... clear now you know. Have a look at any copies you have of this issue.. and you may find you have something more than just a basic stamp as some of the formats are difficult to find a worth a lot of money.

And I did not mention there are shade varieties and watermark varieties did I... well there are, and they can get quite expensive. Check yours out.. you never know what you might have ...

Best wishes.. Michael

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

another of my favourite GB GV issues

Hello, and thanks for the emails from last nights piece.. do please keep writing if you want to be on my new round robin... and yes I will have to do a draw for last nights stamp as I received so far more than one reply to my questions.. still time as well... if you have not sent in the answers...

Tonight another GB George V issue.. I am not even giving this away as the stamp is less than a space filler.. my postage is more than the stamp is worth... derrgghhh !!!

This set was a wonderful design in my view, with some nice colourings and for the specialist collector many varities to collect. Seems like just 4 stamps, but not so. This issue was printed by Harrisons and Sons in sheets of 120 (20 rows of 6) and three different multipositives were used for the 1/2d, 1d and 1 1/2d. these are recorded as Type I, Type II and Type III.
Type I was for stamps issued in sheets. Type II was for stamps issued with watermark inverted and Type III was for booklet printings. You really have to study a SG catalogue to see the differences and I don't think it will be easy for me to scan the varieties I have so you can see them.. However, having said that if I get an awsome repsonse requesting me to do so I will try .. ok

The above is a simple and straightforward Type I ( ie from a sheet) with nothing special about it.. except... I have no idea where the postmark is from.. I thought I knew lots of UK places.. but this one I cannot identify.. maybe a mental block.. but do you know... the postal franking location????

someone out there knows.. email me at I look forward to hearing from you
enjoy your stamps... Michael

Monday, June 25, 2007

less of the frivolity...back to stamps ...

Hello everyone, I have enjoyed the pieces people have sent me on the "big things".. I think I could write for a week just on those.. but I did digress from stamps didn't I.... so back to stamps...

When I first started this blog I did a "red robin".. a selection of GB stamps..all red, which went around the world and people took what they needed.. I found the remains of that red robin tonight.. I was sorting through a stack of material.. something to relax my mind and stop thinking about work. I found this one and thought I'd offer it to you... it is a space filler in my view.. you will no doubt see these for sale at various auction sites.. as used, or good used.. not so..

Look carefully and you will see some missing perfs along the bottom, and a scratch on the left of the stamp ..... also there is some thinning on the back..actually quite minor... but still a quite nice copy all the same, but I would only pass it on as a space filler. This is SG 416 catalogued at about £110, so all the more reason to have in your collection.

This is from the 1913 - 1934 recess printed issue,designed by Betram Mckennal. This copy was printed by Bradbury Wilkinson who actually took over the printing contract from what printer and in what year?

I will give this copy away to whoever can tell me the printer and the year........

If I get more than 1 entry by 18:00 Thursday night my time I will draw a winner..other wise it is first reply by Thursday wins ( I am away again Friday so probably won't have much time to access emails and stamps)

I know I don't have much time for stamps these days but believe it or not I do have quite a box full of covers and miscellanous material that I thought I might put into a round robin - would anyone be seriously interested if I was to start something.. rule being you take three items of your choice and replace with any modern 2004 onwards ...only GB fine used commemoratives... that are for me and only me.. you have to agree to this, so if you cannot put one or two or three ( or more if you want to match my generosity )modern GB commemoratives in, please do not ask to be included. Also depending on where you get to be in the circulation you may have a few dollars in postage costs to send on the material I send, so please be aware and prepared to pay onward postage. Of course by being in the round robin you will also get some nice stamps, we hope, from the sender..

Anyway.. if you enter for this GB GV high value competition please include your mailing address with your entry.. it does make my life easier if you win.. and it you want to join an electic mystery round robin just drop me an email -
Best wishes.... enjoy your stamps..... Michael

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Now there was me thinking it was a big deal that the 40th anniversary of the release of the Beatles SPLHCB album was a big deal, and now I realise I was just so wrong. The real big deal was the 40th anniversary of the Big Banana in Coffs Harbour. …. Like,… people,…. lets gets things in perspective.. or should I say irrespective J . How important is the 40th anniversary of the Big Banana….. seems it means something to Australia Post, much like the Beatles means something to Royal Mail. But does the world know about the 40th anniversary of the Big Banana… I think not.. does the world know about the Beatles… well surely Yes is the answer… and am I biased… surely not J .

But in Australia things big seem to matter… not sure to who.. but at least Australia Post as it gives them an excuse to issue some new stickers… oooops..I meant to say stamps….

Like these….

Now be honest with me here… are these going to turn you on to stamp collecting.. be honest please.. maybe I am too old and cannot think out of the box… a very big box I might add, so maybe that is why… J but unless your thematic collecting is “Big Things” then you may be disappointed with these… then of course if you collect stamps with “Big Things” then you will be over the moon with this issue …write to me I’ll send you a set if you can substantiate that your thematic collecting interest is “Big Things” .. I like to make people happy after all J

You think I am joking.. this from Wikipedia on Australia and Big Things…

The big things have become something of a cult phenomenon, and are sometimes used as an excuse for a road trip, (Like real desperate people here in Oz) where many or all Big Things are visited and used as a backdrop to a group photograph. ( How desperate are we you ask)

The ABC ( television ) produced a documentary titled "Big Things" as part of its programme The BiG Picture ( now is that original or just desperate for a TV time slot.. or just to compete with another equally desperate Big Brother…… you decide J

The National Museum in Canberra comprehensive multimedia exhibit displaying many big things.” Well they need something in Canberra don’t they .. with all the politicians and associated small things….like brains and actions …. why not have something Big.. a musuem of big things.

And if you don’t believe me read this.. it will astound you… big time J's_Big_Things

What is stamp collecting coming to I wonder… J ok ok.. argghhh now you have me.. I collect stamps with the A380 (airbus new aircraft for those of you who have been living under a rock) .. now that aircraft is a big thing…

But (seriously ) if you really like the cover and really want it, I will send it to you…. If you are judged to be the most insane answer to “why one of these Big Things would attract you to see it” and you MUST include your mailing address… if you are a first time entry for obvious reasons and if you have replied to me before.. because it saves me time searching for your address.. and never knowing if you have moved since you last wrote to me. Seems fair.. and lets face it… not a Big Thing for me to ask… J

Enjoy your stamps… and keep smiling those big smiles….. they are good for you…. Michael

Wednesday, June 20, 2007


Hello everyone, just something to amuse you tonight... I do like this stamp but why would I show it today.. was there an event some 32 years ago ( to the day, 20th June) that would have had me thinking about the creature on this stamp..???
I make it too easy for you... no prizes tonight.. not had time to sort anything.. ....but look forward to your emails
.......enjoy your stamps Michael

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

old envelopes... and another card

Hello... yes I am back with a vengence.. well not quite but I am trying I found this tonight while looking through some old envelopes from Canada .... I have quite a few.. have no idea where I got them from.. they sort of just turn up don't they... nothing special me thinks.. especially as the stamp has some toning and the envelope was cut at the end .. so as to open it and see what was inside I guess... which was an Easter card greeting.. .. but all the same, it is a 1930 cover.. and with a card inside.. so maybe of interest to someone..
If you.. then all you have to do is be the first email to and to get me to send you this cover.. tell me who Cairine Wilson was and why I might be thinking of her around this time in 1930.... I do make it easy don't I.. and if you don't know you should.... especially if you are Canadian.

And thanks for the replies to last nights card question... the winner was Rob and his daughter Mandy... who got it right that the first punch card was used around 1725 by Basile Bouchon and Jean-Baptiste Falcon for controlling textile looms in France. yes you all got it right and sorry I could not send one to you all

Enjoy your stamps... best wishes.. Michael

Monday, June 18, 2007

Hello everyone. well I am back in Sydney. I have to say I have not had a minute to think of stamps this past week and sadly no access to a post office in India.. so no new stamps to show from there.

Stamp withdrawal symptoms creeping in and wondering if you all gave up on me I guess I will find out sooner or later ...

I was looking through some of the material that friend of mine gave me.. you may recall the other Canal Zone stamp I showed.. well how about this cover. and what did I find inside the envelope.. well you see for yourself.. talk about nostalgia.. Ok this is off the topic of stamps but hey even things like this can distract on old computer nerd eh!!!! when did you last see one of these... bet these even sell on eBay ha ha...

So you want this cover plus the punch card??? ... ok.. to the 8th correct email... when was the first punch card used... and by who.... ???? now it is easy to find this out of course but I bet you will be surprised when you do the research... enjoy.. and as for the cover.. it is signed you will notice.. by whom I wonder... and is it of any value.... do write to me...

I know someone out there will know something about this.. more tomorrow... or the next day maybe...
Hope you are all well.. Enjoy your stamps.. ..Michael

Friday, June 08, 2007

just a nice cover

Hope you like this one.. best wishes... Michael

PS..last nights Roses stamps are still waiting for a good home

Thursday, June 07, 2007

Scented Roses

Hello everyone.. I do apologise for not writing much at the moment.. I am really busy at work.. and you know how it is.. time just disappears..

Tonight a quick thank you for the good feedback on the flight envelope.. very informative.. thank you.. and the prizes for recent competitions I shall try to send out over the weekend.. I better because I am leaving for India again on Sunday.... I also have rather a lot of unopened mail.. so if you are waiting on stamps from me.. please be patient.. I know my poor customer service could turn you off but I am hoping you will understand my side of things.. I am also behind on emails.. bit of a wreck all things said eh

So what about these stamps.. quite nice.. some I picked up from my last trip.. hope I have not shown them before.. I don't think so.. they will be sent to whoever sends the first email AND they can own up to not being allergic to the smell of roses.. hey, lets face it if you are allergic you wont want these will you ... AND they include their mailing address.. just helps me get things out quicker ( sometimes LOL)

Hope every one is well and enjoying their stamps.. best wishes.. Michael

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

desperately seeking...

no not Susan, although that would also be nice... but stamps.. my first viewing of a stamp in I don't know how many days... yeah gods I am getting withdrawal symptons, and just got off a 90 minute conference call with various people in various countries.. shucks, work gets in the way of stamps, doesn't it

so to a stamp... how about this cover.. really nice condition actually... when was it issued I wonder? what is it worth?.. should I try to auction it?.. or just give it away.. your thoughts... someone out there must know something about it..

Look forward to hearing from you.. enjoy your stamps.. best wishes..Michael

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