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Monday, June 18, 2007

Hello everyone. well I am back in Sydney. I have to say I have not had a minute to think of stamps this past week and sadly no access to a post office in India.. so no new stamps to show from there.

Stamp withdrawal symptoms creeping in and wondering if you all gave up on me I guess I will find out sooner or later ...

I was looking through some of the material that friend of mine gave me.. you may recall the other Canal Zone stamp I showed.. well how about this cover. and what did I find inside the envelope.. well you see for yourself.. talk about nostalgia.. Ok this is off the topic of stamps but hey even things like this can distract on old computer nerd eh!!!! when did you last see one of these... bet these even sell on eBay ha ha...

So you want this cover plus the punch card??? ... ok.. to the 8th correct email... when was the first punch card used... and by who.... ???? now it is easy to find this out of course but I bet you will be surprised when you do the research... enjoy.. and as for the cover.. it is signed you will notice.. by whom I wonder... and is it of any value.... do write to me...

I know someone out there will know something about this.. more tomorrow... or the next day maybe...
Hope you are all well.. Enjoy your stamps.. ..Michael


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