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Saturday, May 19, 2007

Back in Sydney at last.

Hello, I am back in Australia. Well to be honest as I write this in the departure lounge of Hyderabad airport I am not in Australia, but by the time you read this I will be back. Of course I will as I will have uploaded it. Derrgghh.. :-)

So what is new in the stamp world. To be honest I really don’t know. One of the emails I got while I was away was about a GB Machin that was for sale on eBay. Really quite remarkable offering. Here is the stamp.
What do you think. It was being offered at a starting price of US $9.99.

and the listing was, and I quote... "Here is a stamp that I found in an old shoebox. It has been used for postage. I decided to post it here just in case someone collects old used postage stamps. Someone just cut the envelope around the stamp to it is still glued to part of the envelope just like the picture shows".

I think someone is on more drugs than me, and mine are only malaria tablets – honest

The stamp did not sell. But tell me, who is trying to sell this and who do they think they are kidding. Or does this just go to prove that anyone can try to sell a stamp on eBay, or should I say try to con buyers. Anyone know what I am going to say next. No I won’t mention the IPDA. Oops I just did :-) J you be the judge .

Now to my travels in India. I had just the one fleeting experience of a post office and I was able to buy some miniature sheets. Here is one of them.

This M/S actually has the Sandalwood fragrence.. lovely perfume.. I will show more over the coming days. I hope you enjoy these. I am giving these away. So if you would like this, or any of the others I have to show just answer the daily question correctly and I will take a winner form each days entry. No one can win more than one M/S so don’t give up. I have 5 or 6 different M/Ss to give away, and I think a cover or two.

Todays question – for this M/S .... trees of the sandalwood species can be found in Australia - true or false ? email answer to ne at

If you have any stamp news you think others might like to hear please drop me an email at and I will look to use your news in future blog writings. Enjoy your stamps… Best wishes… Michael


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