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Tuesday, June 26, 2007

another of my favourite GB GV issues

Hello, and thanks for the emails from last nights piece.. do please keep writing if you want to be on my new round robin... and yes I will have to do a draw for last nights stamp as I received so far more than one reply to my questions.. still time as well... if you have not sent in the answers...

Tonight another GB George V issue.. I am not even giving this away as the stamp is less than a space filler.. my postage is more than the stamp is worth... derrgghhh !!!

This set was a wonderful design in my view, with some nice colourings and for the specialist collector many varities to collect. Seems like just 4 stamps, but not so. This issue was printed by Harrisons and Sons in sheets of 120 (20 rows of 6) and three different multipositives were used for the 1/2d, 1d and 1 1/2d. these are recorded as Type I, Type II and Type III.
Type I was for stamps issued in sheets. Type II was for stamps issued with watermark inverted and Type III was for booklet printings. You really have to study a SG catalogue to see the differences and I don't think it will be easy for me to scan the varieties I have so you can see them.. However, having said that if I get an awsome repsonse requesting me to do so I will try .. ok

The above is a simple and straightforward Type I ( ie from a sheet) with nothing special about it.. except... I have no idea where the postmark is from.. I thought I knew lots of UK places.. but this one I cannot identify.. maybe a mental block.. but do you know... the postal franking location????

someone out there knows.. email me at I look forward to hearing from you
enjoy your stamps... Michael


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