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Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Large, Medium and Small format....

Hello, tonight something more on GB GV.. this time the Photogravure issues of 1934 - 36.
In 1934 Harrisons and Sons was awarded the contract for printing the low vaue and commemorative stamps. They used the photogravure printing process which gave them high speed ( by those days) production and at a lower cost, again by the then standards.

Photogravure basically means a photograhic image is produced from an engraving plate, or to put it another way, where the image is etched using a photographic process onto a cyclinder....... as one tries to explain this another factor comes into play so I suggest you read for more detail.

Anyway. these stamps were issued .. an interesting issue to me vecause of the varieties and particularly in teh sizes of the image, large,mediun and small .. hopefully you can see the difference in the three stamps below

Look carefully at the white margin around each of the stamps.. the margin is ( left to right) wide.... not so wide and... small... so the stamps are left to right. small... medium and large format in terms of the image printed. So how clear is that ... clear now you know. Have a look at any copies you have of this issue.. and you may find you have something more than just a basic stamp as some of the formats are difficult to find a worth a lot of money.

And I did not mention there are shade varieties and watermark varieties did I... well there are, and they can get quite expensive. Check yours out.. you never know what you might have ...

Best wishes.. Michael


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