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Thursday, October 30, 2008


just a stamp for you.. why am I showing it ?????? dar dar dar dar, dar dar

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

two URLs for you today

Hello strangers. Yes am back again. Been without stamps for over a week. How depressing :-) well actually not really. I did receive a set of the GB Air Displays / Farnborough flight issue on a letter when I got back to Seoul this week.

Lots to write about but not really lots of time. So how about this to start with. I showed some zepplin stamps some months back. I was reminded of this when I read today that a Zeppelin is to fly again in the US soon. Commercial flight. Have a look at this link if you want to know more.
zeppelin story

Anyone able to make some flight covers I wonder?

Another link now. I would be most pleased if you would take a few minutes to look at and complete the answers to 6 questions. A little surveyI am trying; to see if the survey tool works well - which I am sure it does - and to see if I can learn from the answers. Simple and might be to your advantage as well.
Click Here to take survey
More stamps over coming days I hope. Enjoy your stamps.. Michael

Monday, October 20, 2008

Qantas A380

Hello everyone, Well while I was working here in Seoul the inaugural Qantas A380 flight was taking off from Melbourne. Sad I could not be there but I am pretty sure my First Flight Covers were so I still feel part of it. A nice take off it seems. Have a look for yourself.

Covers? well I had ten printed. Very limited number. Prices? Well, to be determined. When I get them back, any signatures etc etc. Watch this space.. I'll definately be showing you. Sydney Los Angeles next, not sure if my covers will carried.. am having trouble on that. Am in Soeul as you know and cannot get to the flight let alone fly on it. Shucks.!!!

Enjoy your stamps.. and flights :-) Michael

Sunday, October 19, 2008

more GB stamps.....

first though, did you miss me? No, I thought not. Oh well I enjoy entertaining myself. Do you want to know what I did in Singapore? Not telling :-) although I will say I did learn a lot about the A380.

So the competitions. Winners... ok I will give a winner or two. The aviation theme stamps.......

for the 1st class stamp, I liked, "what do you mean it was a practice run" and also, for the 81p stamp I liked " do I play the blue ball then the pink " Very clever... I would send you a prize but I don't have your address :-) you can email it to me ok :-)

As for the previous (most recent) competition, it was Jane Seymour on the stamp - the mother of Edward VI who was born on Oct 12th 1537.
Winner was from a city I rather like and don't get to visit that often Manila, well Quezon City to be precise, but to me it is still Manila :-) just a bit further out than downtown Manila.

Tonights stamps, my next prize in a competition. I should have shown these yesterday, 18th October.
Why????... Would the number 86 have anything to do with the answer.

Enjoy your stamps................ Michael

Sunday, October 12, 2008

a birthday today...some years ago I will admit

Ok, so last night I showed you some stamps with a competition attached. Here is another.
To give you something to do during the next week.
Two competitions to enter. I will be in Singapore from Monday night so will not be writing - unless I get totally bored in the evening which is highly unlikley :-)
Whose birthday would you associate with this stamp? Clue, all you Mum's will get it :-)

Have a great week. Enjoy your stamps.... Michael

Saturday, October 11, 2008

a competition for a change

Hello, thought I'd show two stamps issued back in September and have a competition based on them.
I have not had a competiion for a while and since some of my auction lots did not sell I'll just give them away :-) ..assuming there is a winner of course. :-)

So for these two stamps, and you can chose one, send me a caption or punch line for what the character might be saying.. nothing with expletives in please.. that will automatically disqualify you even if it amuses me. I will publish the winner in due course ..... which could be a week away as I go to Singapore on Monday night for the rest of the week.

entries by email to me at and the entry MUST include your mailing address.. no mailing address = not entered to win, no matter how brilliant your entry is. Reason.. I dont have time to search all my emails for your address if you are winner (yes I may do more than one winner) ....all depends on how much you make me laugh :-)

Enjoy your stamps .... ........... Michael

Friday, October 10, 2008

Royal Mint Commission

Hello, something I didn't know, and maybe news to you. The scan is aweful I know but best I could do. The Royal Mint it seems has privately commissioned two stamp sheets. These to coincide with the 14 October issue of the Royal Mail's latest issue - Women of Distinction.

As an aside here.. how you chose 6 women of distiction is beyond me, (I know quite a few ha ha ha ha) but the clever Royal Mail have done it and selected by topic shall I say, leaving themselves wide open for 6 more, and then ten more. Oh cynic that I am :-)

Anyway lets stay serious for a moment shall we. This sheet is rather nice, in my humble view. Yes it is appealing to take your money and of course you will never break it to use the stamps [the UK England 1st class Country definitive - but hey who uses these anyway :-) ] sorry, I said I'd stay serious... anyway a nice sheet. But here is my question; How do you learn that it exists?

I cannot find it on the Royal Mail Web site, nor the Royal Mint website ( hey try it.. looks good to start with ...but very limited stamp selection (6 I recall) ..ok so it is a coin site.. I agree.... where was I, oh yes, how do you find out about these sheets? If you receive the Royal Mail mailing promos I guess you do.. if you read them that is, which I often don't....or you read my blog :-)

Oh well.. Enjoy and if you are interested, there is another sheet with all the Kings and Queens of England since 1066 plus a few Country definitives. I just may get try to get a set and have it framed. Softy for English history that I am :-)
Enjoy your stamps................. Michael

Thursday, October 09, 2008

GB Country Definitives

Hello, yes I have been absent. Sorry about that. Seem to have less and less time for stamps and writing.

I was in Australia this past weekend and picked up my mail. Found these. What do you think? Actually I like them.

They are issued to celebrate 50 years of Country Definitives. Now for the punch line. Royal Mail say it took 13 years to decide on what they ( the originals that is, issued in 1958!) should look like.

Don't know about you, but that is not something I would boast about :-)

And yes, the jigsaw on the Darwin stamps represents the puzzle. So it would seem to me. Or just another gimmick from Royal Mail surely not!!!

Enjoy your stamps.. Best wishes... Michael

Saturday, October 04, 2008


Hello,, just been reading one of my favourite Stamp club boards.. StampsofGreatBritain

If you collect GB you will know it.. and even if you don't I still think you will enjoy the Board.. so many stamp boards are just boring and losing members, it amazes me, but this club Board is as strong, or stronger then ever. Something to do with the guy that runs it ( well done John) and a few others and the theme of GB stamps I guess.. but have a look for yourself.

I saw these stamps, to be issued in early 2009.

I do like these.. but as has already been commented on - I say that so you don't think my thoughts are original - although I would have said the same had I not already read this..... how many of these will get onto letters and through the post intact... that is without the missing "jigsaw" perf?

The price of fine used with be through the roof in a few years. Anyway, some issuing details for you. A set of 6 stamps, a Miniature Sheet and a Prestige book will be issued. Cost.. it wont be cheap if you add all that up.

The stamps feature Darwin and different aspects of his studies: 1st class, portrait of Darwin (from Natural history Museum); 48p, Marine Iguana (zoology ); 50p, Finches (ornithology ); 56p, Atoll (geology ); 72p, Bee Orchid (botany ); and 81p, Orang-utan (anthropology ).

These stamps are self-adhesive and as you can see are in an unusual format. They are perforated to resemble pieces of a jigsaw puzzle. The stamps are printed by De La Rue in gravure.

Enjoy your stamps..if you can afford new issues :-) Best wishes.. Michael

Wednesday, October 01, 2008

aircraft on stamps

Hello, just a short piece of text and a long set of stamps. I received this in the mail.. Nice addition to my aviation collection. Many thanks. I really appreciate you taking the time to mail them. And they arrived nice and clean as you can see.

Lots happening for me this month (October) I may not be posting much due a rather heavy work and travel schedule. Will try my best and hopefully even get some stamps from where I am planning to go. Watch this space I guess.

If I don't reply to emails, my apology.. I enjoy getting them.

Best wishes

Enjoy your stamps, oh and do watch out for the A380 events this month. I'll try to write about them if time permits. Maybe while on planes, although that is usually my sleep time :-) Best wishes.... Michael

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