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Saturday, May 31, 2008

exciting news :-)
I found Korean stamp dealers in an arcade in Seoul.
Yes finally, and what a lovely hour or two I had wandering round.
Coversation was difficult but then the universal langague of philately overcame that.
I picked up a few stamps as well.
One of the very nice dealers I met and one set from a se-tenant block, recently issued here in Seoul.

More later - Sunday here but I have to go to work - Stamps on hold today I am afraid.

Best wishes.. Micheal

Friday, May 30, 2008

Ok, as I said the other night I will now show some rather beautiful stamps.. well in my view..
I know beauty is in the eye of the beholder.... but compare these to the cinema issue from Royal mail.
Of course we cannot give too much credit to Royal Mail, rather we have to give it to one Mr C Wren.
Rather an amazing guy... do you know anything ...much ...about him.. you might enjoy reading this short piece

Enjoy your stamps... michael

Thursday, May 29, 2008

random selection.. I received this GB mix yesterday from a friend who collects them from her office for me. Now this has to be random. It is the mail that arrives in the office and I know the stamps were not sorted before they were sent to me. Have a look.. what do you see? I have been writing on this subject for a few years now and feel I am right when I tell you this. There is only one commemorative in the selection of 198 stamps. Why? I guess the commemoratives are rarely used except maybe for overseas mail perhaps? Mostly, as in 85% of the stamps, are GB 1st and 2nd class definitives... pretty boring eh!! there were some 20 odd (10%) regular machin definitives and the rest were 2 from Jersey and a few regional GB and 2 2007 Christmas stamps.

So my point.. get GB commomeratives.. used in fine condition.. they just have to increase in value as there surely cannot be many around.

I made the comment last night about the cinema stickers ..oops sorry..stamps... :-) that you might not see them used on letters ... or words to that affect.. about using them on a letter.... well I think my point was right and I had not seen this mix before I wrote that.

Anyway, you be the judge.. any experiences of your own...?? write me at

best wishes... Michael

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

I had a couple of topics to write about tonight and both involved stamps from Great Britain. I am sadly out of touch I have to admit but every now and then I try to read the various news releases. These are maybe not new to you but I felt something worth showing in case you have not seen these yet.

Stamps.. well are they.. of course they are, as they will be produced as stamps...... and one assumes someone will use them on a letter or two.. somewhere in the UK..

Only time will tell I guess.

My view... they are stickers.. no more no less.. pretty ( and not that pretty as I view them) stickers.. oh well.. Royal Mail know what they are doing :-)

Tomorrow I will show some much more attractive stamps................ guess which ones :-) email me at maybe a prize in there somewhere..

Best wishes...Michael

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

how to avoid getting your stamps franked....

not a really good idea but this sender certainly achieved the objective.. and the mail got through... albeit 26 years ago... this envelope dated June 16 1982.

Have you got any interesting enevlopes? do send me a scan and if I show it I'll send you a few stamps in exchange... if you send me your address as well :-)

Best wishes... Michael

Monday, May 26, 2008

just a postcard..... I think not....

Hi everyone.. hope some of you found me.. remembered my back up site.. could be my permanent site..

I have had no reply to my service requests for over a week.. big recommendation on what service to not use in the future. I seriously am mad and if had the money I would take a full page ad in every US and wherever else newspaper and make it quite clear what I think of these people.... writing to the general manager I found, has not even got a reply.... service is one of those unheard of words.. want to do me a favour tell everyone you know how terrible Netidentity / Tucows are... I wish I could write what I really feel. :-)

Anyway.. one good thing about stamps is you meet some really great people and one guy I have written about before has given me a card - that I carried on the Singapore - Nagoya - Narita A380 flight.... hope you like it..

He is rather talented when it comes to design and that sort of stuff and I have signed him up to a lifetime contract to design for me ha ha ha ha .. only joking. Anyway, hope you like this card...

Note the frankings on the stamps.. pretty sepcial eh!!!

Best wishes...Michael

Saturday, May 24, 2008

cddstamps blog... News

if you remembered that my other blog had this as its backup I am pleased you are here.

I cannot get a reply from my blog provider and am getting more and more frustrated with their imcompetence by the day.

So I will be writing here only in future. I'll be updating links as fast as I can.. which may not be that fast given my work schedule.

But to stamps. hope you like this cover.. from my Singapore Tokyo flight this past week. Note the special handstamp to commemorate 30 years of Narita on the reverse.
I have a few unsigned covers for sale.. only 8 in fact as I only made 15 covers in total and the rest I had signed by crew.

Anyway..if you want one please email me at price USD $20 including postage and packing, certificate of authentication and some pictures of crew signing. Price for the sigend cover available on request
Best wishes.. Michael

Thursday, May 22, 2008

my back up site

anyone remember this?? I cannot post to my other blog as I will be over the bandwidth limit,... bloody stupid if you ask me but then what do I know :-) am seriously thinking of changing the whole set up but that will take time...

be patient please...

I will be back... there where you know me


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