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Thursday, May 29, 2008

random selection.. I received this GB mix yesterday from a friend who collects them from her office for me. Now this has to be random. It is the mail that arrives in the office and I know the stamps were not sorted before they were sent to me. Have a look.. what do you see? I have been writing on this subject for a few years now and feel I am right when I tell you this. There is only one commemorative in the selection of 198 stamps. Why? I guess the commemoratives are rarely used except maybe for overseas mail perhaps? Mostly, as in 85% of the stamps, are GB 1st and 2nd class definitives... pretty boring eh!! there were some 20 odd (10%) regular machin definitives and the rest were 2 from Jersey and a few regional GB and 2 2007 Christmas stamps.

So my point.. get GB commomeratives.. used in fine condition.. they just have to increase in value as there surely cannot be many around.

I made the comment last night about the cinema stickers ..oops sorry..stamps... :-) that you might not see them used on letters ... or words to that affect.. about using them on a letter.... well I think my point was right and I had not seen this mix before I wrote that.

Anyway, you be the judge.. any experiences of your own...?? write me at

best wishes... Michael


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