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Saturday, May 24, 2008

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if you remembered that my other blog had this as its backup I am pleased you are here.

I cannot get a reply from my blog provider and am getting more and more frustrated with their imcompetence by the day.

So I will be writing here only in future. I'll be updating links as fast as I can.. which may not be that fast given my work schedule.

But to stamps. hope you like this cover.. from my Singapore Tokyo flight this past week. Note the special handstamp to commemorate 30 years of Narita on the reverse.
I have a few unsigned covers for sale.. only 8 in fact as I only made 15 covers in total and the rest I had signed by crew.

Anyway..if you want one please email me at price USD $20 including postage and packing, certificate of authentication and some pictures of crew signing. Price for the sigend cover available on request
Best wishes.. Michael


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