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Monday, September 15, 2014

Hello, yes I know its been a while since I wrote. I have no idea where the time goes. So busy. One thing that keeps me busy is listing new stock in my Bidstart Store.

Having just had an order for 68 stamps and wanting to keep my offerings to you as good as possible I spend a good part of my time sorting and cataloging and listing what I hope are stamps that will add value to your collection.

My message is....  Want to fill a gap in your collection and don't want to buy the whole issue. Well please visit my Store home page on my website here  to see the countries I list.

Self promotion is ok I guess, you check it out, and if self promotion is anything then I am very proud to say that a lot of my sales are from repeat orders.

I pack to ensure that if you think stamps will get damaged by rain, don't worry..all my material is packed to be rain proof. And one customer this weekend bought a nice selection of Hong Kong stamps so I used a complete new issue set on the mailing. Nice addition to that customers collection I expect. And I often get the stamps hand franked so you can be sure of a nice postal cancel on large orders.

As for tonights stamp I hope you enjoy seeing this. Rather timely as we have a signal 3 typhoon  warning here for typhoon  Kalmaegi. Why that name I have no idea. It means 'seagull' in Korean I think. The same weather in the Philippines is called typhoon Luis.

This miniature sheet, issued in March this years was printed with lithography plus a lenticular effect to show the trajectory of the very powerful 2012  typhoon Vicente.

Hope everyone stays safe wherever you are, and if you have a large enough or close to large enough order from my Bidstart Store  I will use one of these Miniature sheets on your mailing and get it hand franked for you.

Best wishes.. Michael


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