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Monday, September 01, 2014

Hello, last two I will show of these beautiful stamps from the Hong Kong Cantonese Opera Costumes issue.

The $1.70 stamp portrays a great Han costume. Embroidered with phoenix and floral designs, the costume is mostly worn by artists impersonating queens, princesses or imperial concubines. A female great Han costume features a top with draping sleeves and a large decorative shoulder cape, a long double layer pleated dress, a tight waist, a front flap and a back flap
The $2.20 stamp shows a gown with a sloping collar. The gown is a common Cantonese opera costume worn mostly by artists playing young aristocrats and noblemen. Decorated with floral patterns, it is characterised by a sloping collar, wide sleeves covered by flowing sleeves and a straight body with two side slits.

Enjoy your stamps...  Michael


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