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Monday, September 08, 2014

Hello, how is everyone?   Good I hope.   I have been sorting some New Zealand stamps over past two days. A selection of 80 that will be listed in my Bidstart Store over the next few days, All issued between 1900 and 1950.  Some interesting material. But how hard are they to catalogue?

Does anyone else find this. I have so much trouble identifying watermarks  So many look alike, and how do you decide if a watermark is inverted or sideways when there is no real distinguishing feature to the Watermark (well, as I see it)

So I just gave up and am listing some at minimum price. Maybe a surprise for the New Zealand specialist.

The above I measure at perf 13½ by 13½ yet there is no such listing in my specialised catalogue that I can find.  And the shading is different. And there are many varieties. So I will list for 10c the pair. Maybe useful for someone.  Most I am listing at 10% catalogue and with only a few exceptions I can correctly identify the varieties based on perforation differences alone.   Hope this offers the chance for you to fill a few gaps in your collection.

Best wishes... Michael


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