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Sunday, March 20, 2016

Updated -   OMG how dumb am I.. I never checked what I wrote.. seems I attached wrong image.. the above is of course from the 1953 Coronation issue.   Glad so many of you are paying attention.. :-)  well done and thanks for your emails.  Hello, I hope you enjoy seeing this lovely block. SG 48 from the 1948 Royal Silver Wedding issue.      which I saw when landed here in UK this morning.   lovely weather, cold but sunny   hope it stays sunny

This and many more stunning blocks now listed in my online store. Please visit here for Northern Rhodesia issues, or here to see the full selection of countries I have in the store.

Also FYI .I will be travelling for the next three weeks so apology for slow delivery of orders.

enjoy your stamps.   Best wishes   .... Michael

Thursday, March 17, 2016

Hello, I hope this finds everyone well. I just finished sorting 100 lots and adding them to my Bidstart / Stanley Gibbons Online store.  Click here  or copy this link   to get to the Bidstart Store or find me at michaelatcddstamps.  

If you collect Northern Rhodesia some of the lots might appeal. Plenty of Blocks with Plate numbers for example

This one from the set issued in 1953 to commemorate the birth centenary of Cecil Rhodes. His life makes very interesting reading and while I am not judging one way or another – after all times were different back in the 1900’s – one can perhaps understand why there is controversy about him and the memorials that commemorate him today

Either way this was a very nice looking issue in my view.

Have a great day     Michael

Monday, March 14, 2016

Hello, I was able to get a set of the Hong Kong Girl Guide issue today. After visiting many Post Offices I found a set of the stamps from sheets. They are the single stamps you see above. Note the perforation difference in the "elliptical" perforation to those on the Miniature sheet.

It will perhaps be interesting to see if there is much of a catalogue difference when there is update to catalogue pricing.

I know this is not that unique and seen on many countries issues, I just thought I would show you as an example of what to look for in new issues and the stamps you might get on mail.

Enjoy your stamps... Best wishes    Michael

Tuesday, March 08, 2016

Hello, first many thanks to all who have written to me about the “vandalised” GB stamps I showed last night. They certainly provoked a few, and more, emails.  As has been pointed out to me I agree I have no irrefutable proof the biro lines were drawn in the UK but having lived here in Hong Kong for over 5 years I am very confident the Hong Kong post people do not do this. Also, since about 50%+ of my mail from the UK is completely unfranked I am pretty sure it happens over there. Whether we want to admit it or not.

Anyway, I know nothing will change so I have to live with it, get annoyed at times and move on. Most of my senders do get letters and larger envelopes hand franked but some are unable to given the volume of regular sized mail I know they send. I certainly don’t blame the senders, in fact I commend them for using postage stamps. I just blame the postal workers who get off doing this.

But to Macau again tonight as I want to show you another lovely stamp commemorating another fine place.

This is from the  June 2015 issue titled “Streets and Alleys Old”.   The "Alley of Happiness", an old alley with its own characteristics, is the focus of this issue. A granite slab, surmounting the entrance to the alley, has recorded its name in Chinese, consists of three characters - "Fok Veng Law." The Alley happiness is paved by long stone slabs, a very common style in Guangdong Province. The Alley of Happiness, also known as "Fire Street" and Happiness Street, located in the old Chinese bazaar, were part of the bustling commercial center of the city and were part of pleasures, with prostitution, gambling and opium consumption. Let’s just stick with philately eh!

Best wishes… Michael

Monday, March 07, 2016

Royal Mail vandals strike again

Hi, I arrived home from work to find two envelopes for me. You can see them below.

One mailed from the UK. and yes as is so very common the Royal Mail vandals had an enjoyable time I am sure deliberately defacing the stamp with pen lines.  The other from Hong Kong Post - quality always.  A pleasure to deal with at all times.

When will the Royal Mail b*&%$%*ds start respecting the mail and the postage stamps that are used? Never it seems. I can only draw one conclusion, given for the number of mails I get like this, that these horrible, small minded vandals get their kicks defacing the postage stamps.

Royal Mail  issues so many stamps to generate revenue from collectors. Collectors are turning away in droves because of the stupidly high number of issues and number of stamps in an issue and therefore the costs.

Yes, as has been said many times even modern mint full gum unused can be bought at below face. I said that would happen many years ago. It is happening. Yet Royal Mail seem intent on further driving collectors away by allowing their staff to deliberately vandalise the stamps that are used for postage. This could have been avoided. It was not because Royal Mail deliberately allow it.
Whoever used their biro on these stamps - what goes around comes around. FY


Saturday, March 05, 2016

Hello, yes not been writing much have I. Been rather busy including a visit to Macau last weekend when I managed to get a few stamps.

Hope you enjoy seeing these. A World Heritage issue ( Patrimonio Mundial) and showing  the Moorish Barracks of Quartel Dos Mouros , built in 1894 by an Italian architect on the slope of Barra Hill to accommodate an Indian regiment coming from Goa to strengthen the Macao Police. It is a neoclassical structure. Quite remarkable architecture and rather nicely shown on the stamp.

Have a great weekend

Thursday, March 03, 2016

I was at the airport last night seeing my daughter off on her flight back to Sydney and passed the Post Office and was able to get a copy of this recent MS. Hope you like seeing it.  Rather interesting perforations in the middle of each stamp (well I think so).  So showing you.

From the excellent Hongkong Post web site: Hong Kong Girl Guides, established in 1916, has been committed to helping local girls and young women to achieve balanced and all-round development and empowering them to become responsible global citizens through various training activities. Hongkong Post issues a set of four commemorative stamps, incorporating badges of four training areas (i.e. Service, Character, Fitness and Skill) in the background design, to mark the centenary of the founding of Hong Kong Girl Guides. The stamps also illustrate the development of Hong Kong Girl Guides by featuring their uniforms from different periods.

This set of four commemorative stamps exquisitely depicts Hong Kong Girl Guide uniforms from different eras on a light yellow background. The perforation of the stamps in the souvenir sheet, which delineates the emblem of the Association, is unique in design.

Enjoy your stamps              …… Michael

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