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Tuesday, March 08, 2016

Hello, first many thanks to all who have written to me about the “vandalised” GB stamps I showed last night. They certainly provoked a few, and more, emails.  As has been pointed out to me I agree I have no irrefutable proof the biro lines were drawn in the UK but having lived here in Hong Kong for over 5 years I am very confident the Hong Kong post people do not do this. Also, since about 50%+ of my mail from the UK is completely unfranked I am pretty sure it happens over there. Whether we want to admit it or not.

Anyway, I know nothing will change so I have to live with it, get annoyed at times and move on. Most of my senders do get letters and larger envelopes hand franked but some are unable to given the volume of regular sized mail I know they send. I certainly don’t blame the senders, in fact I commend them for using postage stamps. I just blame the postal workers who get off doing this.

But to Macau again tonight as I want to show you another lovely stamp commemorating another fine place.

This is from the  June 2015 issue titled “Streets and Alleys Old”.   The "Alley of Happiness", an old alley with its own characteristics, is the focus of this issue. A granite slab, surmounting the entrance to the alley, has recorded its name in Chinese, consists of three characters - "Fok Veng Law." The Alley happiness is paved by long stone slabs, a very common style in Guangdong Province. The Alley of Happiness, also known as "Fire Street" and Happiness Street, located in the old Chinese bazaar, were part of the bustling commercial center of the city and were part of pleasures, with prostitution, gambling and opium consumption. Let’s just stick with philately eh!

Best wishes… Michael


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