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Sunday, September 21, 2014

Hello, weekend shot by.. Sunday evening now and time for a few words before bed.

First the two stamps I showed yesterday. One is a regular counter sheet stamps ( the left one) and the other is a non soluble gum stamp - from a booklet I presume. Am not up on these issues as just too many to keep track of. The non soluble gum is marginally smaller and has different perforations.  always worth checking carefully when you see these new commemoratives I think.

I have many non soluble gum varieties  - always found when soaking.. and the stamps don't come off the envelope piece. Anyway one want a few? I will mail some duplicate for free you answer this question correctly - and I still have some left that is.

What is apparently wrong with the issue date of the Royal Mail planned issue of the new Magna Carter issue in 2015? Above a stamp issued by the USA to commemorate the 750th Anniversary of the Magna Carter

Enjoy your stamps.

Best wishes.. Michael


At 7:54 AM, Blogger Ian - Norvic said...

Carta, not Carter - it was Latin, not Anglo-Saxon for a barrow-boy !


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