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Wednesday, January 30, 2008

new GB Machins

Hello everyone, I have not done GB for a while so the time is right. And there are these new GB Machin definitives being issued in April by Royal Mail.
As always I am impressed by the colours, although I think you might find some of the colours have been used before on different denomination stamps. But what ones. I have not checked. Send me an email at and I’ll send a GB FDC to the first 5 reasonably correct answers.

Now, this could be my last competition for a while. I am taking up a new role and will be commuting between Sydney and Seoul………… yes I know it is a long way to commute but the role in Seoul is something I want to do. And a new opportunity for stamps. So if you are reading this and in Seoul please write to me. Lets make contact. Or if you have contacts in Seoul please introduce me. I will have my evenings free………….. until I get to know some people there.
Ok, here are the new GB definitives .. and many thanks to A really good stamp board…

The new postage rates in the UK take effect on 7 April - the basic inland rate will rise, 1st class from 34p to 36p and 2nd class from 24p to 27p. The basic rates for 1st class Large Letters will increase from 48p to 52p and 2nd class from 40p to 48p. International rates will also increase. New Country Stamps valued 50p and 81p will be issued for England, Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales in the existing designs.

Now, will anyone out there tell me the Royal Mail have not found a way to make money.. so many classes of charges and therefore so many increases.. just imagine.. …had they had just first and second class lets say.. only two price increases………… brilliant business model at the RM.. bad for stamps collectors of course.
Enough from me.. nite……………… enjoy your stamps ………………. Michael

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

I was reminded yesterday that I really must not type so fast, or if I do, then I must proof read what I type. I am usually short for time when I write, thus the occasional typo.. my apology to all.. but someone once told me that people don't always see the typos because they read what they know is being written. But since collectors are looking for the flaw in the stamps you study, then why would your trained eye not see my typos. Oh well.. here I am typing so slowlyy.................. and still I make misteaks ha ha ha ha ha ( deliberate joke error ok!!!!!!!!

As for stamps.. I received these on a letter the other day.
The Portugal cork stamp and a couple of the bird definitives. I thought they were nice and that it was nice to get a real postally used copy of the cork stamp. Thanks.. I am looking at what to send as a way of thanks.

Enjoy your stamps.. Best wishes... Michael

Monday, January 28, 2008

hippodamia convergens

Hello, as you know, I think stamps collecting should be enjoyable, and eductaional. I find it so. And writing this blog gives me plenty of opportunity to learn. Occassionally I get sent stamps and the following is a miniature sheet I received some months ago.

Ok, so the question is easy when you study the sheet but did you know what a hippodamia convergens was... by another name I am sure you did.
Certainly not what one might imagine... and certainly not what I imagine as the Tyranosaurus Rex of the insect kingdom. If you are a gardener. have a browse at Best wishes... Michael

Sunday, January 27, 2008

spoilt for choice...

Hello everyone. I finally made it to my PO Box yesterday, oh dear.. all those stamps I had neglected to pick up sooner. I got the GB James Bond issue - I am not all that impressed with the stamps to be honest. The publicity material does not reflect the fact that are actually small, long strips, so I am not showing them. I also got a set of last years GB Birds issue. Not too bad but they don't show as well as the publicity material, in my view.

This was one of the covers I received from another collector in the US. Lovely, and interetesting if you have an interest in flight covers and aviation. Well I'll tell you anyway!!! Northwest really did do some pioneering work to build the US Japan and Orient routes, they were a big contributor to helping Japan Airlines get established, and along with Pan Am (remember them) they were granted what are called 5th Freedom Traffic rights, that is, the rights to pickup and fly passengers from Japan and beyond. There is one other reason why I think this cover is special, and that is because it was for a route opened up with the Boeing 377 StratoCruiser. Something special about that aircraft that we tend to have forgotten, and that is, it was a double decker aircraft. Not in the way we see the A380 but it did have two decks, which back in the late 1940's was pretty impressive I think.

I'll be sorting some stamps today. Will see what surprises I can find for tomorrow. Best wishes.... Enjoy your stanmps ... Michael

Friday, January 11, 2008

Australia 1955

Hello. another week over. Friday night. Home alone for a change.... Stamp time.

Had dinner with some good friends last night and was given a bag full of stamps. Good world assortment which I will surely enjoy going through. When? I don't know. But I did find these. I do like the quality of the design. Maybe I am old and boring but to me that are generally much more interesting than most of the modern material.

In particular I like the 2/- stamp. Issued in 1955. So getting on in years but it is superb. Well that is in my view. You may disagree. If you do you wont want it will you

Thought I'd offer it as a prize. Question: The stamp is based on an etching by a rather famous artist. An artist from a rather famous artistic family as it happens. The artist was in fact knighted for his services to Australian art in 1941. Who was he?

11th correct answer will win this. ( today is 11th here so seemed a good number)

Please don't forget to include your mailing address with your entry to

Have a great weekend. Enjoy your stamps............... Michael

Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Hello.. thought you might like to see this lovely cover.. many thanks to Myron

ps.. just for the record my PO box is 3482.....

wish I had more time.. enjoy your stamps.. best wishes ...........Michael

Tuesday, January 08, 2008

James Bond on stamps

Hello everyone. apology for not writing for a few days... been rather busy.

Received this in the mail today.. a lovely envelope I guess... we knew this issue was coming.. and here it is.. should I open this and deface the envelope??? .. I think not..

Also, I might feint at the prices I would have to pay for all the upcoming new issues............

I show it because I thought you might like to see it...if you do not subscribe to Royal Mail new issues that is and therefore their proliferate mailings. I seem to get everything they issue even though I stopped buying anything but new Machins some years ago. Well these envelopes are collectables in their own right, all the same, I think.

For details about the issue read Ian's site at

Maybe lots more news in the coming days / week.. which could add an interesting dimension to my stamp collecting activities and interests. Keep in touch

Enjoy your stamps.. best wishes...... Michael

Saturday, January 05, 2008

Thought I'd talk about the IPDA for a few minutes

I have started listing again at Stampoffers.. .. looks good and easy to use.. well done James... but it occurred to me after listing that I had forgotten to put I was an IPDA member... and then I thought about the rubbish we have been seeing exposed on some of the threads here.. hopefully you will have seen them and laughed along with many of us, but as I said on one thread........ sad but true. And yes I know we all say Buyer beware, and Buyer be aware, but there is more to it than that....... there is honest and credibility and pride isn't there?
So, I thought, for those of you who buy - do you look to see if the seller is an IPDA member ...... a member of the Internet Philatelic Dealers Association ?? :?:
and if you are a seller do you promote that you are an IPDA member?? :?:
arrggghhh... :shock: because you are not a member of the IPDA ... yet..... well please have a look at find out about us....... we are a small group I will admit but we want to grow and promote good values, ethical as well as stamp values, when selling on the internet.
Yes, we are an Association for sellers on the internet...... so that buyers can be confident when buying from one of us.
email me at and I will send you a free copy of the last two IPDA Newsletters... email me if you are a buyer or a seller..... I don't mind...... you will get the free copies sent to you by reply.
I have seen some pretty bad items for sale over the past years - you may have read my rantings on these :) actually can be fun I guess........ But I and all the other really genuine sellers don't want buyers to get ripped off.
So like I said,
sellers..... join and promote the IPDA and everything we stand for and want to promote,
and buyers...... ask if the seller is a member of the IPDA :)
Look, the cost to become a member is really only a nominal fee, US $20 a year for a one year membership.. that is all, no one off joining cost, and you get 10 to 12 copies of my brilliant newsletter :) :) and free ads on the IPDA website and probably more :D

Best wishes.. Michael
online application form available at

Thursday, January 03, 2008

Egypt Used envelope circa 1960's

Hello.. well I finally did it.. I listed some used envelopes on ....... been so busy but with the Christmas / New Year break and some time to sort stamps I finally did the scanning and made the listings.
I have no idea if these are ready for the bin or worth something to someone who has an interest in Egypt postal materials. hey why not try.. I thought, so if you are interested.. have a look at and there are 4 others listed under me cddstamps

might be interesting for you to see the sort of things I find when cleaning up my study. and if they don't sell.. maybe a prize.. but don't let that stop you bidding

Enjoy your stamps.. Michael

Tuesday, January 01, 2008

more on Polar Philately

Hello everyone. I was referred to this website.. sound like an interesting group This from a colleague who read about my Antarctic flight covers.

I hope you have a few minutes to look at especially if you collect Penguins on stamps.. or aircraft on stamps.. or flight covers, or just Polar related flight covers, or wait for it.. cddstamps produced flight covers.. a new collecting theme well why not.. well it won't cost you too much as I only expect to produce two or three a year the next big ones being Singapore London on the A380.. and / or the Qantas A380. Not sure how I am going to do either but I'll be trying.

And if you don't collect any of the above please tell your friends.

Well done to Jose from Portugal and Mark from the USA for sending the first emails telling me about yesterdays picture. Yes it was of course on the flight deck of the 747 going down to Antarctica. Sorry to others who sent in entries I cannot have everyone a winner, I'd go broke but hey, treat yourselves

Enjoy your stamps.. Best wishes.. Michael

Free Antarctic Flight Cover..........

Happy New Year everyone... as you may know, if you have been reading the blog, I had some covers flown to the Antarctic and signed by the pilots and some signed by the cabin crew.
Read the posts from a few days ago for details. This was the only Qantas flight last year (2007) I might add.. so it is pretty special.

I will give two covers as prizes to the first two to email me at with the answer.. to, "where was the picture taken.."? now, am I making it easy or what.. and .. if this doesn't thrill you.. the back of the cover is signed by one of the Captains on the flight.

And if you miss out on the prize.. I am selling these for only USD $7.50.. postage and packing etc included and I have a few left. see my web site and read the link to Antarctic Covers for more details...

Lets have a wondeful 2008 with out stamps... Best wishes... Michael

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