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Tuesday, January 08, 2008

James Bond on stamps

Hello everyone. apology for not writing for a few days... been rather busy.

Received this in the mail today.. a lovely envelope I guess... we knew this issue was coming.. and here it is.. should I open this and deface the envelope??? .. I think not..

Also, I might feint at the prices I would have to pay for all the upcoming new issues............

I show it because I thought you might like to see it...if you do not subscribe to Royal Mail new issues that is and therefore their proliferate mailings. I seem to get everything they issue even though I stopped buying anything but new Machins some years ago. Well these envelopes are collectables in their own right, all the same, I think.

For details about the issue read Ian's site at

Maybe lots more news in the coming days / week.. which could add an interesting dimension to my stamp collecting activities and interests. Keep in touch

Enjoy your stamps.. best wishes...... Michael


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