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Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Can you identify these...please

Hello,, yes ... yesterday was the start of the Scopes trial in Tennessee in the US, a watershed in the creation - evolution debate........... but did you know it was the first trial ever to be broadcast live on radio... no one told me that but a packet of stamps goes to.. oops I forget his name... got it.. Gord.. from Scarborough, Canada.. something will be in the mail ...within a few months .. ha ha ..only joking I hope....

I also got an email asking me what these are... can anyone identify them??? look very carefully before you send me an email... :-)

Also, I received some two boxes of stamps for my "Childrens Corner" from a very generous donor.. many thanks... you know who you are if you are reading... and not travelling.. :-)

I mention this becasue if you know children who collect and really need some free stamps please don't hesitate to get them to write to me.. I do only - usually -accept letters and as per my "Children's Corner" rule on my web site ( which also I will update one day soon... :-)

Enjoy your stamps... Best wishes... Michael


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