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Sunday, July 01, 2007

scouts on stamps.. and a big thank you

Hello everyone..... I am back.. got to airport early... so went standby and got an earlier flight home so have time to catch up on some emails and write. ok so I have not replied to you all but at least I have read your emails..

So much to talk about... write about.. I don't kmow where to start.... Good feedback on my GB GV stamps and when I get longer than 20 minutes I will be writing more about those next week.

Also, really big thank you for the hit rate on the blog.. over 18,000 page views this past month.. a record.... maybe you are telling your friends and encouraging them to read.. or are you reading the same article three times a day ha ha ha ha ... my biggest fan, my mother, is not reading it I can assure you.

Ok to stamps. what about this. Well apart from the fact I think the design is once again boring and with no style, intrinsically not a very pretty picture at that, and with a word theme that quite frankly is as irrelevant and hyped us a Madonna record, I guess the subject is ok.. after all I think the Scout movement is one to be applauded and the volunteers doubly applauded for the commitment, hard work and long hours they put in to helping young people.
So well done to them. Boo to Royal Mail for once again coming up with a stamp that is a copy of so many others, and yes along the same design lines as many here in Australia. Sack the blankety blank design people please... surely there must be better design people out there..

Anyway.. another thing I did tonight was read some of my favourites web sites and blogs.. I was going to tell you they are in my list of favourites.. but to be honest some have had no updates / postings for a while. On the one hand I am concerned as to whether the people are ok..on the other disappointed they have not updated their pages...

But, you can always rely on Machin mania, AKPhilately and Norvic.. really always worth a read..and a few others I have to admit. Read Ian's material at Norvics for more on the Scout stamps by the why.. nicely presented I have to say. me first of course

Must to bed... zzzzzzzzzzzzzz Nite,... enjoy your stamps... Michael


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