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Thursday, July 05, 2007

in the dark

Hello.. I planned to write tonight.. I have been keeping tonight free to write and show some stamps and talk stamps... but... I got home to find no power in the neighbourhood.. awful winds here and some powerlines must be down... again... happened a few weeks ago as well and we were without power for three days... surely a sign to go and live in the city ... I think not..

So how can I be writing.. well I have my office laptop and remote access wireless card... only carried it tonight as I have offsite meetings tomorrow and will need to access my systems.. so instead of showing you some stamps .. just this..and it occurs to me... does anyone know of stamps that depict or relate to a "blackout"...I can think of a few...GB obviously... if you have such stamps please scan and send to me and when my power comes back I will show others....

My candles are burning low seriously... always have them in the house ... ..another idea...... and ignoring Christmas stamps, who has stamps with candles on them... oh how imaginative a use of a situation to think of stamps well in this situation you have to laugh.. or just go to bed early... ok bed early it is... enjoy your stamps............ Michael


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