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Monday, July 09, 2007

back to the computer again.. at last...

Hello.. I went to the PO Box today and found this.. very nice.. I am pondering whether to soak and remove the International registered mail sticker.. a nice sheet .. I hope you enjoy seeing it...

Apart from showing this to you because it is from the World Stamp exhibition in St Petersburg - see for details - I thought I would say how wonderful it is to get such a cover from someone who is reading my blog.
So, many many thanks to Alexander and the lovely card you put in the envelope.. and if others of you are interested in used covers.. do have a look at Alexander's blog

Best wishes .......... enjoy your stamps...Michael

PS am seriously hoping to find more time for stamps but work is getting the better of my time at the moment - time for some guest writers to help me ot ... me thinks... Anything published will get a prize .. that is the least I can do.... M


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