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Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Hello, well thanks for the emails on the Castle stamps. You guys all know more than me.. how good is that.. :-) I hope the following scans are useful for those who may not be so conversant with the different printings. This first scan is my pretty awful attempt to show the three stamps.. I usually say unless I do something really well I should not show it but I really want to show you something and while this is not the best display I really need some sleep so hope you will accept this for my best effort this time.

This second scan is better as it shows the different fonts of the three stamps more clearly.

Also, here is some info I was sent: I am using it as it explains these stamps in straightforward terms.

Three printings : 1988, 1992 , 1997 and changes in between

Queen's Head :
1988 = in profile like a cameo
1992 = silhouette in ink that changes from green to gold
1997 = ink is smooth because silk screened

1988 = regular all sides
1992 = elliptical cut out both vertical sides1997 = same but slightly different position

Colours: different shades of same colours in one pound and three pound stamps

Re-engraved :
1992 to 1995 = to increase stamp detail
1997 - the word CASTLE is in different type face - different printer

1992 = add three pound stamp
1997 = no one pound stamp
1996 = gum type changed

Anyway, I always enjoy sorting these stamps if I ever get them in old collection as I never know what I will find. Hope you enjoy looking more closely at any of these that you have. And finally……….. this is by no means meant to be an exhaustive catalogue description of the stamps.. it is a simple guide to help you get started and maybe enjoy these stamps a bit more.

Enjoy your stamps…… Best wishes… Michael

Monday, May 29, 2006

Hello, I was reading a posting on a yahoo stamp club board the other night which asked for the difference between two stamps. The stamps were two of the high value Castle definitives issued from 1988 onwards.. I have replied with some information but my comments have not yet been posted.

So I thought tonight I would show one of the stamps from this series. as I think of them.

I was going to show all three..maybe do that tomorrow if I get more time.. but for a quiz tonight can you tell me the differences between the three isues I am referring to. you dont need to go into too much detail.. just the basics will do.. and there are just a few basics.. and if you dont know and have some stamps that look like this but you are not sure what issue they are then I hope you read tomorrows piece as I will show all three and tell you the indentifying differences. Oh, and the cat value for them is quite different. as usual please email me at

Enjoy your stamps.. and if you check out my aution listings ( see favourite links) I am sure you will.. .. Michael

Sunday, May 28, 2006

who was he..............

Well, I have not had one single email about the person I mentioned in last nights blog. I am surprised.. Hope you were able to access the blog ok.. remember I have a backup site now at I call this one “cddstamps on stamps”.

I was browsing the web today and thought I would give you another teaser question on the theme “who is he”

This person was the son of a poultry dealer and fruit importer. He entered show business when he was hired to design silent-film title cards for the newly formed London branch of Hollywood's Famous Players-Lasky, which later became Paramount Pictures. He worked closely with screenwriters, who occasionally allowed him to direct scenes that didn't include actors. He became a director in 1925. He directed a number of well-received English suspense films. In 1939, he moved to Hollywood to take advantage of American filmmaking technology. His first American movie won the 1940 Oscar for Best Picture and him a Best Director nomination.

Now that was the easy part J I want the answer to this as well…..why is today, 28th May, a special day in his memory: it is the anniversary of what event in his career ?

Who was he? .

To help you I am showing these stamps as he is one of the people commemorated. And the cover is yours if yours is the chosen email – with correct answers of course.. email me at

As for stamps, please can I remind you my Stampoffers auction lots have about 5 days to run. I think there are some great offers there, all starting at US 1$. Still many lots with no bids. So you could do extremely well me thinks. There is now a link “cddstamps auction lots” in my favourites that takes you direct to the auction lots. .. so easy.. one click and you are there.

Winners now.. I have finally made time to get one of my children to draw names of the winners for recent quizzes.. thanks to everyone who sends me email.. sorry you all cannot win….Lighthouses… Tom from Tasmania: Creatures of the Slime…. Buddy from USA: First Fleet.. Buddy again: Isle of Man Birds….. Carol USA: Vineyards.. Joseph USA: Turks and Caicos .. Priscillia from Singapore. Well done everyone. Stamps should be in tomorrows mail.

And finally on the subject of Birds on stamps.. I got an email with this link have a look if you are interested in Birds on stamps. What an amazing site.. congrats to whoever built it.. a labour of love for sure.

Hope you are having a great weekend.. enjoy your stamps.. and please bid on my bid on my Stampoffers lots.. helps me pay the postage for all the stamps I mail…J


Saturday, May 27, 2006

stamps....... what stamps...

I so wanted to get some time to look at some stamps today.. but I have ended up working 13 hours in the office.. just got home.. been on phone for two hours.,. not much time left to sleep before start again tomorrow..... ok nothing to do with stamps..... but then again.. who collects stamps of sleep deprived people..... I can think of one individual who was in my view sleep deprived... and he was shown on GB and many Commonwealth stamps some years ago.. famous parlimentarian and minister any ideas.. correct answer - drawn from all correct answers - will get a GB FDC with 4 stamps, issued to commemorate him.. how many more clues can I give.. he was famous for his cigars I seem to recall... and his finger salute............
enjoy your stamps.. Michael
PS and please look at my stampoffers lots

Friday, May 26, 2006

Friday night......

nothing on stamps.. just a posting as I was looking at the site trying to work out how to use it and add links.. have failed miserably so far.. too tired maybe.. or just thick!! ok I know what you are saying ..

I have lots of these.. anyone want to trade for some used modern GB??? or are there any other GB you need to dill some spaces in your collection.. email me at

enjoy your stamps.. Michael

Thursday, May 25, 2006

one year later .............

I have decided to try something new.. one year and many hick-ups later with my previous provider of blog services I have set this up. Let see if anything comes of it.

Need to spend some time to see how it works and how I load scans of stamps. This to get me started if nothing else .. How do I tell you about the blog I wonder.. and hey look the image came up no problem... so much new to work out.. give me time ok :-) Best wishes.. Michael

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