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Monday, May 29, 2006

Hello, I was reading a posting on a yahoo stamp club board the other night which asked for the difference between two stamps. The stamps were two of the high value Castle definitives issued from 1988 onwards.. I have replied with some information but my comments have not yet been posted.

So I thought tonight I would show one of the stamps from this series. as I think of them.

I was going to show all three..maybe do that tomorrow if I get more time.. but for a quiz tonight can you tell me the differences between the three isues I am referring to. you dont need to go into too much detail.. just the basics will do.. and there are just a few basics.. and if you dont know and have some stamps that look like this but you are not sure what issue they are then I hope you read tomorrows piece as I will show all three and tell you the indentifying differences. Oh, and the cat value for them is quite different. as usual please email me at

Enjoy your stamps.. and if you check out my aution listings ( see favourite links) I am sure you will.. .. Michael


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