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Monday, September 17, 2007

going to the dogs..

Hello, dont know why but that expression just came into my head as I was looking at some GB FDCs and saw these. The actual cover is opened and a bit tatty but the stamps are fine.. I notice the SG cat is £4 something.. so not bad to pick up me thinks.. Going to the dogs.. well why would I think of that you are asking.. or not as the case may be.

well no horse racing here, with the equine flue.. ( which I am wondering if I have.. feel awful.. can people get it? ... so got to go to the dogs ( dog racing, as in) .. not me but some are I hear.

no fun, as am sick.. yes sick as a dog

looked through my email.. ye gods I have not replied to so many of you.. so I decided to file and clear out my in box.. my good intentions have gone to the dogs... ha ha ha ha

and this to say thanks for all emails from you all .. and yes you were not winners.. otherwise I would have mailed the stamps.. probably. derhh.... I have put my work first again for the past few months.. yes it is a dogs life... and with my illness its been a hard days night and I've been working like a dog.. ( with humble apology Mr L and Mr M)

and finally next week we get a new dog... oh god not another ... a black toy poodle.. not for me I might add.. .. now that reminds.. me I must always close the door to the study as there are boxes of stamps all over the floor.. :-)

enjoy your stamps and remember to make sure they dont get damp.. from whatever moisture is or could be around ... Michael


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