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Monday, September 03, 2007

so much happening here in Sydney...

I just do not know what to write about.. we have APEC.. if you have no idea read this or the APEC web site.. then there is the Equine Flu.. something I have been following.. well not literally. derrgghh... but in the press.. for more, read this ...of course if you are reading either I also suggest you get a life... but then again.. that is life here... lots of pollies pending lots of our money.. and no one spending an honest dollar betting on horses.. what a sad reflection on life of course I am only half teasing..

so, to stamps.. found this cover..

horse theme..
and with that a priority for me at the moment...... yes my horses are ok.. thankfully... and I hope they stay that way.. with some 100 plus properties infected in NSW one just doesn't know what will happen next...
oh yes I know.. the price of A380 seats from Singapore seems to be getting lower.. and I had no sponsorships..
I have to tell you I am devasted.. surely someone out there wants their name on a FDC from Singapore on the very one and only first commercial flight of this awesome aircraft.. .. ok perhaps not .. I'll go on my own .. .. read previous writing if you are not with me.. keep up people.. please keep up....

Enough... time for more study of APEC agendas.... and must get to bed early because GWB arrives tomorrow.. oh what an exciting day it will be.. and to think my first meeting is right close to the Intercontinental Hotel.. I do so hope the meeting doesn't run late ... think about it ..
also, maybe new stamps tomorrow once I check out a rumour....

enjoy your stamps and whatever is going on in your town.. certainly nothing with any heavy dudes.. they are all here .... hey lucky you .. Michael


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