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Saturday, October 17, 2015

Thank you to all who wrote and who entered the Honey Bee  competition. 

Yes that image from the Royal Mail stamp was actually of a bumblebee - I guess Royal Mail didn't have enough images of Honey Bees   So here is another of the issue. This is a Potter Flower Bee from the £2.25 stamp, another that is not a Honey Bee. 

So much interesting learning from this issue. 

One final snippet for you.. I hope I am correct in saying bumblebees do not need to store food over the winter period – i.e. they have no need for ‘winter stores’. This is because bumblebee colonies do not have the same extended colony life cycle that honey bees have. Honey bee colonies should ideally thrive through the winter, and because of this, they need winter stores – the honey 

And finally, the winner of the competition. Larry from Australia, had his name drawn at random by a visitor to my apartment today. Well done. MS will be the mail soon.

More GB stamps next week. Best wishes     Michael


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