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Monday, September 22, 2014

Hello, tonight I am cataloging and scanning some covers from Great Britain. I collected these many years ago, and somehow got a reasonable quantity of stock. I have never done anything with them in the last 25 years and now is the time. Especially as I got a few surprises when I looked at the SG catalogue value. I only have the SG Specialised 2013 with me so maybe 2014 prices are higher. I need to find out I think.

The above is SG X906M and was mailed airmail, as you can see to Australia. In lovely condition considering it is also nearly 25 years ago since it was mailed.

It contains a rather interesting selection of stamps, in my view. 8 different stamps if you look carefully, and individually with a catalogue value of £30.35. My 2013 catalogue shows the Pane value at £20.00.

What is your advice as to a reasonable selling price I wonder? Free postage to sensible offer?

Maybe I will try eBay, or my Bidstart Store.  Maybe contribute some funds towards a nice Hong Kong selection I have seen at an upcoming auction. :-)

Enjoy your stamps, and don't forget, if you want to fill a gap in your collection just visit cddstamps

Best wishes..  Michael


At 7:48 AM, Blogger Ian - Norvic said...

Whilst there may be a buyer somewhere, there is very little market in the UK for

- addressed FDCs with
- truncated rather than whole panes
- with ordinary bureau or FDI postmark rather than a special pictorial handstamp.
- retail here very low cf with SG


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