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Saturday, January 05, 2013

Hello, I am back in Sydney again after a few days in Brisbane. No time to write while there I am afraid as really long days and I have no stamps with me. Next few weeks will be really busy for me so maybe won’t be writing much but please keep looking. I would love to tell you what I am working on but I best not. I will wait until it is all over in the next few weeks and hopefully have some interesting news for you. May even do a special cover just for my readers. I have an idea in mind :-)
Anyway the above stamp is a 1c Australia from 1985 and has a catalogue value of  £3.00. Quite surprised me when I looked this up in my catalogues. It is for sale in my Bidstart store for 25% of cat. along with well over 200 other lots mostly at 20% or less of catalogue and all stamps in VFU condition. You must know by now, but for new readers I am seller ID michaelatcddstamps  at
I had a comment about postage. Maybe I did not make this clear in my Bidstart listings so the feedback was very useful to me. I combine lots for postage  so you can get as many lots as you like for one postage charge as long as you don't go over the weight for an envelope  that I have to pay Australia Post. I had a 15 lot order this week from Australia and was able to send all for just a 65c postage fee. Now is that a deal or what given my prices are very competitive.

And what about the 1994 Automatic Cash Machine stamps. Under valued in my humble view. I have a few in my Bidstart store. Enjoy looking if nothing else.  I bet not many of you have these or have even seen them :-)
Enjoy your stamps..  
Hope everyone well… Best wishes … Michael


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