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Monday, September 24, 2007

Irving Berlin... and Space.. amd more

Hello, Sorry I did not write problems. and while I have got this machine to work my wireless network is not a wireless network any longer.. oh don't you just love technology. Anyway my computer man is coming round tomorrow.. hopefully he will fix it.

This is the Irving Berlin stamp.. I was talking about the other night.. so many of you got it and well done to Jose in Portugal who was the winner .. a cover will be mailed soon..

Tonight.. Space .. on stamps... these are the new Australia issue.. 2nd October issue date .. should be a popular issue me thinks.. I am planning to use them on my A380 FDC... not quite sure how yet.. but they will be there..

I can supply - at cost plus postage and packaging - if you would like a set, or miniature sheet.........
I should also let you know these will be withdrawn from issue on 30th October 2007.. yes a short availability...... and I will be offering one miniature sheet as a prize for the 5th correct answer to this question

.........almost all of the television images covering the 1969 Apollo II mission came through what tracking stations....... ???????????

and .......for a bonus set of mint stamps.. what tracking stations' radio telescope supported this event ?????

and, if I remember in a few days time, I'll find some photographs of the supporting tracking station, as I was there a few years ago doing some astonomy / star watching myself ..awesome place I have to say. enjoy your stamps.. Michael


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