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Friday, September 28, 2007

birds on stamps.......

Hello, before I show the stamps tonight I just want to say how totally depressed I am that no one wrote to me with the answer to last nights question.. how many kangaroos???.. it was so easy I thought.. but obviously you are either bored with my questions or just having a dumb moment......... surely someone has the wherewithall to work it out....

OK no more prizes until I get the answer

Anyway...I received this letter in the mail today.. now how thoughtful was the sender.. really nice stamps..... and notice how the stamps are not right on the edge of the envelope.. so they are not creased.. well done I say..

Hope you enjoy seeing these... and finally, thanks for letters I received today.. stamps for childrens corner.. yes much appreciated.. and since I have at least 10 requests outstanding the timing was brilliant

Must go. enjoy your stamps.. Michael


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