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Wednesday, September 26, 2007

GB GVI stamps............

well I maybe misled you a little with the subject.. but hope you like this all the same..

a very tatty cover I will admit... oh well, I still thought you might like to see this

The 11d stamp is good cat but seems to have a slight toning on perfs. But if you like it and want it for your collection .. it is available first $50 into my Paypal account .. no please dont send me money I am only joking... or first correct answer to... which Beatles song has the mention of BOAC in the opening line..??

The cover is backstamped Tokyo... probably worth a lot in good condition eh!!!!Pity these are never looked after.. it is 54 years plus ago.. amazing..

and just for your information.. this cover was issued less than one year after BOAC started flying Comets.. a nice aircraft I can say.. ye god that ages me and if you are interested (or not, I am going to tell you) I flew on the last BA Comet flight.. and the aircarft reg was GA something MD cool eh!! well these little things amuse me :-)

Best wishes.. enjoy your stamps.. Michael


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