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Saturday, February 12, 2022

The next state to look at is Kelantan. Kelantan was part of Thailand - historically known as Siam -  with Siam stamps used with various Kelantan / Kalantan cancels during the 1880s through to 1909.  This is from a 1905 issue of  Siam. 

From 1909 the stamps of the Federated Malay States were used.  In 1911, stamps were first issued for Kelantan featuring the coat of arms of the sultanate and by 1937 the stamps featured the sultan Ismail.

In 1922, stamps were overprinted to commemorate the Malaya Borneo Exhibition. Since 1948, issues have been similar to those of other Malay states.


Tomorrow I will sho0w couple of the other Malay state issues.

Enjoy your stamps   Michael

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