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Thursday, February 17, 2022

  Hello,  welcome to the blog if you have just found it, or welcome back to regular readers.

  A couple more from Malacca today.

This first stamp is from the 1960 issue  Remember this design from the Kedah issue I showed a few days back?.  Here it is again and this time with no QE II portrait or Sultan portrait but an image of the Meleka tree and mouse deer. The name Malacca is actually derived from the word Melaka but why the change I do not know -   I welcome comments please.  As a footnote.  I think it was in 2017 that the name of the State actually did officially change to Melaka. 

And finally, the last  stamp from Malacca but now as you can see Melaka.  All very confusing perhaps? but such interesting history, and from as way back as the early 1400s.

 If you have this stamp do check it carefully. There is the basic issue as in this image

And then there is a flaw issue with the yellow missing, and another flaw with the red missing.    Check your catalogues for values, and  enjoy.

Enjoy your stamps   Michael

and  with thanks to my friend at  British Commonwealth Album  here   -  and you might enjoy a visit to his online store  the Used Stamp Collector here.


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