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Friday, June 26, 2020


Hello,  We are going to be looking at some more Machins this weekend  so I thought I'd message about our stamps, an offer of a 100 free Machins  and an image to explain more. 

So, if you are looking to fill a gap or two in your collection  please enjoy browsing our store.  To find what you are looking for  just type  the value in the "Search in this Store" box might have a lovely surprise.  It works for Regionals, and for Security Machins  you could also type the Date code and / or Source code. We have  plenty to help you fill a few gaps.

Now, how about a little  survey.  All answers will go into a  hat and one will be drawn -  that  person will get 100 different Machins / Security Machins.

Question:  if you collect Security Machins do you collect by Scott where they do not list by  Date Code / Source code - or do you collect by SG where they list  by Date Code / Source code?   

 send your answer (we will contact the winner to get your mailing address) to us at  --  entries close end of day 30th June. 

There is a reason I am asking this. At cddstamps we always list Security Machins by Source and Date code because, obviously,  the  stamps are different. But we have seen sellers just listing by Scott.

So, for example, the buyer would not actually know what they buying other than the stamp is a  "what ever value it is Security Machin" as in the example below a 2nd Class stamp. They would not know  which Security Machin it is they are buying, that is which year or from what source.

Which may be ok if the collector just wants one example of a value for their collection. So, we are interested to know how people collect their Security Machins.    I hope that explains.   Perhaps the image below also helps.

Have a wonderful weekend,  stay safe and enjoy your stamps.  Michael cddstamps 

Thursday, June 25, 2020

Hello and welcome to cddstamps.   I wonder if anyone follows me on Twitter?   I am cddstamps there;  #cddstamps.

This past week I have been writing short pieces with stamps for letters of the alphabet.  Very interesting what we can learn from stamps.    If you have time please follow me I will  try to post short  snippets  there frequently rather than the longer texts I try to post here.    

Anyway here are a few of the stamps  I used this past week, Showing again because I found the reading I did about the individuals to be extremely interesting.   At the top is Xu Guangqi  a Chinese agronomist, astronomer, mathematician, politician and writer who lived from 1562 to 1633. His  tomb is the centerpiece of Shanghai's Guangqi Park.  Look him up and enjoy a  read about his life.

This next stamp shows George Vanier (1888-1967) a Canadian soldier and diplomat who was the first French-Canadian to hold the post of Governor General of Canada  In 1999 he was considered the number 1 most influential Canadian of all time. Quite an amazing man.

And finally another remarkable man. Dr Sun Yat Sen  (1866 - 1925)  a Chinese philosopher, physician, and politician, who served as the provisional first president of the Republic of China and the first leader of the Nationalist Party of China. 


Sun is considered to be one of the greatest leaders of modern China.  His chief legacy is his political philosophy known as the Three Principle of the People;  roughly translated to 1) independence from foreign imperialist domination, 2)  the rights of the people, sometimes translated to democracy, and 3)  people's livelihood.

Have a wonderful weekend, enjoy your stamps and please stay safe in these corona virus times.

and if you have  time we would be pleased to see you in the  cddstamps store.


Saturday, June 20, 2020

Hello,  I hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend, and finding time for stamps.

Are you following me on Twitter.  michael dodd @cddstamps     Maybe??    

I am enjoying posting some stamps for each letter  as started by another collector.

 do have a look.  Stamps are so educational.

 this was one for today letter T ... for Tennyson    a must read   in my view.

 have a  great weekend   Michael cddstamps.

Tuesday, June 16, 2020

Hello, what are you collecting right now? Is it North Borneo? someone asked me so I looked and found we have over 750 in the online shop.

Enjoy your stamps.


Saturday, June 13, 2020

Hello and welcome to cddstamps. Thank you for visiting. We hope you enjoy looking around and visiting our online store.
How have you coped during the corona virus lock down?    Hopefully stamp collecting has been a wonderful way to spend some time.  It has been that way in our house. I read that many people are starting back into the hobby, and we are seeing many new collectors.  That is such good news. How can cddstamps help? Well, if you are a new customer to us over the weekend of 13 / 14th June we will include a free pair of tweezers ( you call them tongs in the USA) with every order of USD $5 or more including shipping fees from our online store.    New collectors, you will really  find these are the best
Have a great weekend  Michel  cddstamps 

Friday, June 05, 2020

Hello, something to enjoy for the weekend........ I found this... and a few more. Nice?? from 1897 and still as fresh as when issued.
Have a lovely weekend enjoy your stamps..... and hey.... if you have a gap or two in your collection why not pop into the store and look around. be nice to see you 


Thursday, June 04, 2020

Hello, yep, we finally listed some more stamps in the online store. Here is something you wont see very often.. very collectible to add interest to your collection maybe.

pop in and have a browse around

Have a lovely day Michael

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