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Saturday, May 30, 2020

Hello,  something to look our for.  So you are sorting some kiloware you bought. You have lots on paper. All old stuff and think what a waste this was.  But never give up the search. 

This was on a  piece of old envelope.  I was going to throw it but noticed the perfs were short on one margin.  Probably  just a boring old booklet stamp.  But after a soak in warm water we found an inverted watermark.  Still a boring old booklet stamp maybe. :-)    Not going to make me rich  and  actually  I have a few anyway but it is better than throwing away isn't it. SG 544Bwi  cat 70p  I can put this in the store for 15p, maybe  help someone fill a gap in their collection even if shorter perfs on one margin, as so often found on these booklet stamps.

Have a great weekend, and please don't forget our special for the end of the month of May.  All new customers to our online store  get a free pair of cddstamps tweezers.

Best wishes   stay safe  Michael

Thursday, May 28, 2020

Hello,  Here is a question for you... talking Machins.... do you clean  the Security Machins  from the backing envelope they are  used on? 

Now anyone who is a regular  reader of cddstamps knows I do not do it and do not support doing it, but a good friend has just written telling me he tried it and it worked very well.

You know me, ever  skeptical of these things especially as he did it without chemicals as such.

Anyway  I sent him some of my spare Security Machins. I have thousands and I hope to see the results for myself in the months ahead.   

It may take a while given the postal services at the moment, but hey, I have the time.  Will keep you  advised of course. 

But if you do clean them please write and tell me more and I can share, but please as I say, I DO NOT  encourage it - No, I  openly recommend DO NOT DO IT.

Once started you might well be damaging, in even some small way, a nice stamp. You might  not have a few to lose after all. Once started, there is no turning back. But each to their own. It is your stamp after all.

Have a great weekend and  why not pop into the store, have a look around and perhaps treat yourself.  We have  over 2800 Machins, ...... hundreds of date code and sort codes to fill a few gaps I bet.

Top image 7 different 2016  Machins Lot  30151514     Oh yes, and  if you are a new customer and you place an order before end of 31st May our time, ok we might be flexible by a few hours -  you will get a free pair of cddstamps tweezers with your order.  They are the best... believe me! :-)

Best wishes  stay safe     Michael  cddstamps

Saturday, May 23, 2020


One thing about collecting and studying Machins is that there is never enough time to do all that could be done.   We had some much needed rain today so  while sorting  some stamps and filing in albums  I was  attracted to these. I say these but  these are just a few of hundreds and hundreds that one day I may study. There are  some interesting varieties to look for even in something as simple as this 1/2p Machin. The first issue was in 1971 as I am sure you know but there were many other printings after that, and of course various usage in booklets.

A copy of Stanley Gibbons Great Britain Volume 4 QE II Decimal Definitive issues is a must of course. In the early uses from 1971 to 1980 I mostly just look for the two value types  - thin and thick I in the 1/2 p value and the various phosphors. There are other varieties  if you have the time and patience and stamps to study.

Anyway you can read the details yourself in the catalogue but a few images from my study this afternoon. Basically I am looking for  phosphors. It is often just as easy  to see under a table lamp but there is more to see than just the basic types and a UV lamp is essential in my view.  So a picture or two to show that. The three stamps shows the  the center band and the 2 band phosphors and the other shows there is no clear center or 2 band. I need more knowledge to correctly establish a catalogue reference.

The two stamps show the  different printings, I think a gravure and lithography and or maybe EME?  - I am never sure but I am confident someone out there will correct me please.

The two pages show the views before and then using the UV light.  Best I can get for these. And the single stamp is one I also look for  when sorting and that is a stamp that shows a cancel of usage around the period the stamp was in use.

I hope this simple - not meant to be too complete or complex - showing is of interest.    Michael


Thursday, May 21, 2020

I keep saying this but where does the time go?  I am sort of out of corona virus lock down, that is I can go shopping with the boss but in the market I still have to sit outside  as  only one member of each  household is allowed in. I did manage to get a hair cut today and finally after 10 weeks we got some mail.  Not much compared to what I am expecting, but a start is a start, do lets think positively.

Anyway I am spending a lot of time with stamps  and am trying to get more stock into the store.      I hope you like this one. I decided to keep the  postal cancel as it is an interesting one I think.  The stamp is M19L    with no source code of course.

 Enjoy your stamps and stay safe.  Michael cddstamps or the online store here 

Thursday, May 14, 2020

Hello,     I hope everyone is well and safe.......   just one more from Australia. we loaded  some of these to the online store.   one of each perforation.    Adding pleasure to your collection comes from having  both in your collection in our view and it doesn't have to be expensive.

Enjoy... We look forward to seeing you in the store.


Wednesday, May 13, 2020

Hello, I am shocked,  yes a week since I last wrote.  wow that was fast. I have too many projects on my plate.  Must  have a quiet word with myself!

 So how about these?  Something different. I read about all type of collectors and  new collectors joining the hobby during these corona virus lock downtimes, and collectors coming back to the hobby. Welcome to everyone. It is good to know there is still the interest in this wonderful hobby. In fact the more one gets into  it the better it becomes in my  view.

One of my projects was to get more of our stock loaded to the online store. So to the point, We have loaded a variety of USA and Australia, and  just starting on some GB Downey Heads.

 This is one of the Australia lots.  Have you got all of these.  Not just one stamp but what you might find as something different to make a collection a bit more interesting.

There is so much to  this wonderful hobby.    Please keep reading us, and of course we look forward to welcoming  you in the online store.

 Michael   commemorative decimal definitive stamps

Wednesday, May 06, 2020

Hello,  I have been writing a piece for a magazine and I can across some really stunning stamps during my research. Thought I would  share this one with you.  SG 155   Landing Mail at Vik.

Anyone collect Iceland. The early issues up to around the late 1940s certainly have some interesting issues both from  an engraving / design and content perspective.

Enjoy your stamps.  Michael

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