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Thursday, May 28, 2020

Hello,  Here is a question for you... talking Machins.... do you clean  the Security Machins  from the backing envelope they are  used on? 

Now anyone who is a regular  reader of cddstamps knows I do not do it and do not support doing it, but a good friend has just written telling me he tried it and it worked very well.

You know me, ever  skeptical of these things especially as he did it without chemicals as such.

Anyway  I sent him some of my spare Security Machins. I have thousands and I hope to see the results for myself in the months ahead.   

It may take a while given the postal services at the moment, but hey, I have the time.  Will keep you  advised of course. 

But if you do clean them please write and tell me more and I can share, but please as I say, I DO NOT  encourage it - No, I  openly recommend DO NOT DO IT.

Once started you might well be damaging, in even some small way, a nice stamp. You might  not have a few to lose after all. Once started, there is no turning back. But each to their own. It is your stamp after all.

Have a great weekend and  why not pop into the store, have a look around and perhaps treat yourself.  We have  over 2800 Machins, ...... hundreds of date code and sort codes to fill a few gaps I bet.

Top image 7 different 2016  Machins Lot  30151514     Oh yes, and  if you are a new customer and you place an order before end of 31st May our time, ok we might be flexible by a few hours -  you will get a free pair of cddstamps tweezers with your order.  They are the best... believe me! :-)

Best wishes  stay safe     Michael  cddstamps


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