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Thursday, January 23, 2020

bringing enjoyment to philately...... this is one thing that always pleases me..... to have a copy of each perf. in my collection. And yes, you know where you can find these to help fill that gap in your collection. online store copy this link to your address bar ... .... have a lovely weekend Michael

Saturday, January 18, 2020

Hello, So much for me writing more often. I really cannot keep up with the passage of time. Anyway, I wont bore you with life outside of stamps but with stamps I have been looking at an envelope full of old (1930s through 1960s) Australia stamps. No real high value if I am totally honest but I have had accumulations like this in my stock for years and finally decided to list for sale.

There might well be something to help fill a few gaps in your collection. And as a special incentive for all orders over USD $5 I will give free postage. This means you buy the stamps for a value of USD $5 or more, pay the full price which includes postage and I will refund the postage in full at my cost. Easy.

Now for something you don't yet know. These stamps are all listed in my new shop. It is here

At the Internet Philatelic Dealers Association we have opened a philatelic portal and my shop is there - cddstamps. This means you know you are buying from a dealer who abide by the IPDA Code or Ethics - a dealer you can trust. Very early days of course but I hope you will have a look at my new store there. I will be loading more stamps over the coming days and weeks.

enjoy your stamps, have a wonderful weekend. Michael

Tuesday, January 07, 2020

Hello, I don't know about you but it seemed I went to sleep and now it is 7 days later: one week of January gone already. so FAST!!    Time has to slow down, doesn't it?  I cannot even keep up with the writing I have booked to do, or the stamps I have to study, or the  listings I have to post, all  pending.  But I did enjoy seeing this  in my sorting, I have been thinking a lot of Sydney and Australia  because of the fires of course and the fact my family are there and I plan to be there in two months.  Enjoy your stamps, they are not only just pieces of paper they have stories and memories and education and so much more. Michael

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