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Sunday, March 20, 2016

Updated -   OMG how dumb am I.. I never checked what I wrote.. seems I attached wrong image.. the above is of course from the 1953 Coronation issue.   Glad so many of you are paying attention.. :-)  well done and thanks for your emails.  Hello, I hope you enjoy seeing this lovely block. SG 48 from the 1948 Royal Silver Wedding issue.      which I saw when landed here in UK this morning.   lovely weather, cold but sunny   hope it stays sunny

This and many more stunning blocks now listed in my online store. Please visit here for Northern Rhodesia issues, or here to see the full selection of countries I have in the store.

Also FYI .I will be travelling for the next three weeks so apology for slow delivery of orders.

enjoy your stamps.   Best wishes   .... Michael


At 2:49 PM, Blogger Ian - Norvic said...

You'll doubtless get many people telling you that the block is from the 1953 Coronation issue; if it's listed for sale you may need to change the description :-)


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